The Supernal Nations

The Supernal Nations

North American Mage Polities Map

Most of the United States is as safe a place as any to practice the Arcana. It’s organized mages, especially under the Pentacle, who have to start carefully considering where they hang their hats.

Unlike the ancient consilia of Europe and Asia, most of North America was run roughshod over by the rise of the Seers of the Throne, who sought from the early days of Sleeper colonization to make the place theirs. Most of the old native consilia were broken, their traditions lost or much muffled, as the Seers turned the burgeoning colonies, and then the United States, into the worldwide seat of their authority.

And yet, the Pentacle is not without its strongholds on U.S. soil. The Celestial Court, a Pentacle Consilium based in Chicago (with smaller bases of authority throughout northern Illinois and Wisconsin) is just one such, and one of the more recently won— prior to a decade ago, Chicago was considered one of the great centers of Seer authority in the country.

You are heirs to that legacy, and Pentacle hegemony in the Celestial Court is relatively secure now.

What a Celestial might think of other North American Polities:

_The Grands – _ They’re Pentacle, too, but they’re not like us. Dangerously uncivilized and prone to hubris without much penalty.

_Detroit – _ Everyone knows you stay the hell out of Detroit. That’s monster territory. The decay’s bled through so heavy even the Sleepers have noticed.

_Ontario Consilium – _ Zero help against the Seers, but they’re polite enough, for a bunch of bookish scholars. Call them when you’re doing research, not when your back’s against a wall.

_The Confederation – _ Barely Pentacle. Best avoided— these people care more about who you know than who you’re with.

_New York Consilium – _ Violent authoritarians in a city that can’t seem to stop being a flashpoint for every conflict on the map. At least they’re on our side.

_Boston Consilium – _ Call ahead if you ever find yourself wanting to hit up a Red Sox game. Otherwise easy to ignore, they don’t have much presence on the national stage.

_Arrowsic – _ They’re with us, but you hear a lot of weird stories come out of Arrowsic, and they’re probably not all H.P. Lovecraft fanfiction.

_Philly – _ Their boss gives the Pentacle a bad name. Every bit as bad as the Seers, but they’ll pretend to be your friend while they’re working you over.

Florida - They say the Scelesti took Florida back in the 1980s. Hard to believe those maniacs could hold power in any real way for any length of time, but bad things happen to mages that decide to take a beach vacation down there.

_Memphis – _ Oasis of Pentacle safety in an ocean of Seer influence. Hard to say how pure they actually are, though, and that keeps them irrelevant.

_Orleans Assembly – _ Not so bad if you don’t mind the Free Council wiring into your mind to take your vote on what color the drapes in the assembly hall should be that week. Harmless weirdos.

_Lone Star – _ They say the chain of command for the Guardians of the Veil worldwide stops here. Big Brother is watching.

_Phoenix – _ Commendable people. Almost all that’s left of a Diamond that stretched from sea to sea before the Seers came ashore. They hold the line and remember what came before.

Mountaintop – You hear stories about Adamantine Arrow training camps buried deep in the mountains where new spells for war get dreamed up. In public, they just don’t really come to the Ladder meetings. Still, any port in a storm.

The Nephites - Some ties run deeper even than the five-pointed star. If you’re not one of them, you’ll never know how deep.

Pacific Compact - Front line in the war against the Seers of the Throne. Seattle’s a bloody city. Praise the work, but leave them to it— we have problems of our own.

_Saint’s Assembly – _ The Free Council here’s all but forgotten that they’re part of something bigger. Dangerous.

_Angeli – _ This is every bad impulse of the Silver Ladder rolled into one warmongering city. They’ve been fighting the Saints so long that they’re barely Pentacle anymore, but they still come to us for help. Ignore them or you’ll just wind up tainted yourself.

The Supernal Nations

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