Finesse aka Fin

Agitated Warlock losing her grip


Tall (5’8"), skinny, and covered in wiry muscles, Fin isn’t exactly the model for feminine physique. If she were to put on baggy clothes and a baseball hat, she might even be able to pass for a man. Of course, those long runner legs are usually on display via tight jeans or shorts, and that’s usually enough to make up for the baggy tees, the sports jerseys, and whatever other unladylike garments she puts herself in.

Fin grew up on the South Side, in a rough neighborhood, to a broken family. She never went to college, she’s rolled with gangs, and she’s been to jail. The result is a woman that’s gregarious and outgoing, but entirely guarded about who she really is. She’s crass at times, inappropriate at others, but it never seems to be intentional, and she does what she can to make it clear when she means to offend.

Fin also tends to be generous and loyal, which are odd qualities for a thief and criminal. At least, odd on the surface. Looking any deeper makes it clear – she lived the struggle for so long, she’s happy to help whoever she can, and sticks to those people that stick to her. For those that don’t struggle, that exploit the have-nots, that betray their friends, well, Fin would be more than happy to steal their wallets. Even if she doesn’t need the money.

Finesse aka Fin

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