Session Logs

Raw Log for Acts 1-4 (includes a lot of extra OOC chatter, other session links prior to act 4 currently do not work): Raw Log (save link and open in web browser to view formatting correctly)


Session 1 – Weiner Take All
A new cabal meets. A Mystagogue is kidnapped.
Session 2 – The World
A curious Artifact is researched.
Session 3 – Parallel Lines
Another, worse world is found within The World. The Seers of the Throne are ascendant.
Session 4 – Contract Law
A contract is negotiated with a horrible Keeper.
Session 5 – Party Politics
A mission is reinforced. Favors must be satisfied.
Session 6 – Aleo
An apostate offers insight in the hunt for Ogun.
Session 7 – Dreamweaving
A fractured mind offers grim revelations about the cabal’s recent travels.
Session 8 – Reconnoitering
Plans are made. An attack readied.
Session 9 – Shadow Man
An attack by the Abyss. Troubling revelations follow.


Session 10 – Lines in Parallel
A glimpse into another world.


Session 11 – Reflections
A cabal member lost. The hunt continues.
Session 12 – Primary
Vampires, and a conspiracy set ablaze.
Session 13 – Adam
A cabal hits the road. They are haunted by spirits of the self.
Session 14 – A Slothful Mission
A cabal strikes a blow against a new target.
Session 15 – Fury Road
A woman is saved from wrath. A cabal member wounded.
Session 16 – Clash of Will
False accusations show the depth of the problem. An accord is reached.
Session 17 – Sex Boat
Another spirit is uncovered. An unusual venue is the site of a bargain.
Session 18 – Green
A new hunt begins. But not all is what it seems.
Session 19 – Ambush
A cabal member replaced. A cabal member found.
Session 20 – Setting an Ambush
A rescue is planned.
Session 21 – Gambling Souls
A high-stakes game for a friend’s soul. The end of another hunt.
Session 22 – Waltman’s Neck
A postcard to hell. A town that is not what it seems.
Session 23 – Gluttony
An old nemesis uncovered. Another turned ally.
Session 24 – Moral Quandaries
An enemy beaten. But what should be done?
Session 25 – Opening the Gate
Nearing the end of the road. A cabal finds a fresh Mystery.
Session 26 – The Obsidian Palace
An ancient puzzle overcome. An old teammate regained.
Session 27 – Tryhards
A cabal returns home. An invitation is made.
Session 28 – Goodbye, Adam
A saga is ended. A man is laid to rest.


Session 29 – Haunted Bacchanalia
Ghosts herald a change in regime.


The cabal takes its place on a grander stage as a part of Chicago’s politics. An ancient spirit is foiled. Detroit is cured.


The cabal collapses under the weight of that which has already passed. New faces emerge.

- Fin Solo Sessions:

Fin Sessions – Act 4 Session 1
Fin Sessions – Act 4 Session 2

Investigation notes: Gilbert Lancaster

Investigation Notes

The person featured in a grainy photo, arm-in-arm with Lust (spirit that took Claire’s appearance), walking along Grand River riverwalk in Downtown Grand Rapids.

Gilbert Lancaster: New England Old Money, came to Grand Rapids as a young man to start his own business venture

  • Married
  • Socialite: throws parties, fundraisers for political candidates
  • President of West Michigan Libertine Society
  • Business: Spectrum Health, employs some 16,000 people in Western Michigan
  • Owner of riverboat The Sir Stephen: moored at private dock south of Grand Rapids


Libertine Society: founded in the 50s by Lancaster the Elder, to allow free thought and discourse

  • Authors, politicians, scholars
  • Famour guest: Alfred Kinsey

Linked Persons

Chain Parris aka. Yule Williams: Canadian philanthropist, seen at a Lancaster charity ball


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