Investigation notes: Gilbert Lancaster

Investigation Notes

The person featured in a grainy photo, arm-in-arm with Lust (spirit that took Claire’s appearance), walking along Grand River riverwalk in Downtown Grand Rapids.

Gilbert Lancaster: New England Old Money, came to Grand Rapids as a young man to start his own business venture

  • Married
  • Socialite: throws parties, fundraisers for political candidates
  • President of West Michigan Libertine Society
  • Business: Spectrum Health, employs some 16,000 people in Western Michigan
  • Owner of riverboat The Sir Stephen: moored at private dock south of Grand Rapids


Libertine Society: founded in the 50s by Lancaster the Elder, to allow free thought and discourse

  • Authors, politicians, scholars
  • Famour guest: Alfred Kinsey

Linked Persons

Chain Parris aka. Yule Williams: Canadian philanthropist, seen at a Lancaster charity ball


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