Senior Archeomancer of the Chicago Mysterium


Few people in Chicago really know Ogun all that well, but that doesn’t stop everyone from trying to claim him as an ally. For nearly 20 years now, since the dark days of Seer control, Ogun has kept his bed with the Chicago Mysterium, calling it home and hearth in those rare times when he’s not gone again on some damn expedition or another. He is said to have one of the biggest collections of Atlantean Artifacts and secret knowledge of any mage within a thousand miles, and that kind of reputation has made him a target for hangers-on for years.

Rarely have any of them gotten anywhere with him.

The cabal was set on a task to rescue him following an apparent kidnapping, but has since all-but-confirmed that he was personally involved in the false attack. After an extended absence, he has reportedly returned to the Chicago Mysterium, but is not taking meetings.

Later confirmed to have been at the center of a plot to destroy the Abyss through questionable magic. Thought to be dead since the events in Detroit.



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