Hierarch of the Celestial Court of Chicago


Israfil was the first man to take the title of Hierarch when the Celestial Court of Chicago took shape in early 2006. He’s held the title for a decade sense, age doing little to slow him down.

This can, in part, be attributed to his personal charisma and excellent planning skills— he is well known as an efficient manager of people. His continued success, however, probably has more to do with how he first rose to power— in the dark days when the Seers of the Throne held the city, Israfil was considered one of their worst enemies, somewhere between revolutionary and terrorist. As one of Chicago’s only Masters, he took the front lines against them, and led the charge to drive them from their centers of power in the city. He is personally responsible for the capture of the infamous Praetorian commander of operations throughout Illinois, The Tribune, and has managed to hold onto him in the decade since.


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