Claire Newcombe

Friendly neighbourhood changeling.



To non-Changelings, Claire is a beautiful nineteen-year-old woman with dark brown hair worn in voluminous waves. Her eyes are green and set off her friendly, helpful expression. Being a Fairest Truefriend, she gives off an aura of being a trustworthy leader exemplified by a constant golden halo shining in her hair. Her clothing is immaculate and fashionable; it somehow always looks tailored to her tall, lean figure and she never seems uncomfortable even in the tallest stilettos. To other Changelings, Claire appears as a human-sized doll come to life with impossibly large eyes and full, pouty lips.


Unlike her Memphis alternate, Chicago Claire is incredibly personable. Though not loud or outspoken, others would see that Claire is reserved but confident. People are naturally drawn to her kind and genuine nature. As one of the Fairest, she is rather proud of her appearance and prefers to accentuate her features rather than mask them. She is extremely trustworthy and places a premium on the same trait in others. She follows the laws of the Freehold and Court to the letter, and her well-mannered behaviour and generosity have helped her gain a glowing reputation in both. She craves affection and genuine love, returning it eagerly when she finds it. Once she knows she can trust someone, she immediately likes them and becomes fiercely loyal to them on the spot. Claire has a love for designer couture and rare toys, which fill the closets and cabinets of her chic condo.


- Proving myself to the Freehold.
- Finding a romantic partner she can trust.
- Search out missing Changelings outside of Chicago.
- Get Korean fried chicken.
- Seek out non-Freehold Changelings.
- Get a new job.
- Get a Changeling HQ.
- Destroy an Exarch.

Breaking Point

Worst thing ever done: When she was six, she pushed another kid off of the playground and they lost a tooth and needed stitches.
Worst thing she could do: Kill another changeling.
Worst thing imagine someone else doing: Betray another changeling to the True Fae.
Most traumatic thing that happened to her: Forced by her Keeper to help abduct her replacement, Anthony.


Truefriend ability: If addressing a small group of individuals she genuinely cares about, she can use the Inspiring Merit on them. Characters successfully inspired can recover a point of spent Willpower once per chapter. If she touches such a person and spends a point of Glamour, then both she and the person she touched gain the Steadfast Condition. Truefriends automatically resist all powers that attempt to coerce or force them betray anyone they care about. They may have a number of such loved ones as they have Wyrd dots.


Fairest Blessing: Clarity of the Crown. The truth of leadership is this: sometimes it’s not about being right, it’s about appearing right. It’s about appearing right, even when there is no real right or wrong. It isn’t pretty, and it’s certainly a quick path to corruption, but it remains true regardless. Most people need to be led, and when they’re scared or desperate, they’re naturally going to turn to the Fairest. It’s the easy choice. And since so many are naturally going to put themselves in the hands of the Fairest, the Fairest has to do something, anything. Any time a Fairest bluffs, blusters, or shoot from the hip on her way through a call for leadership, and find her self revived by it. Once per story, a Fairest can feel her way through, and she gains a point of Clarity for free.

Fairest Curse: Weight of the Righteous. With measured response and skill, or blind luck and hope, making the right choice feels damn good. But sooner or later, failure weighs on the Fairest, and the crown on her head gets heavier and heavier. Any time a Fairest makes a call as a leader, and someone gets seriously hurt physically or otherwise, is a Clarity Break.

Claire Newcombe

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