Fin Sessions - Act 4 Session 3 / Nail Sessions - Act 4 Session 1

Fin will assume the form of a white blonde woman.
Cause, ya know. Why not.
Jessica (GM): Huh. Sure, okay.
oh and feel free to uh
let me in on what your pleasure is, lol
Fin: See how some of that privilege fits..
what what?
Jessica (GM): Jessica (GM): I’m ready any ol’ time.
Where would you like to pick up?
We kinda left you at loose ends last time.
You have on your docket, now, which is seeming to get bigger:
a big meeting at the Mysterium Athenaeum that you’ve been asked to attend.
The gifts of the Dethroned Queen
Jessica (GM): Jessica (GM): the shit that the Hierarch has been up to.
aaaand the Cheiron Group, which is apparently crazy aware of your kind under the surface.
Sam C.: My stomach is in open revolt. So apparently I’m just going to be running afk a lot
Jessica (GM): Hitch also wandered off somewhere, and
last, but not least
pursuing the secrets of Mastery
Jessica (GM): what’s yer pleasure
or somethin else
Fin: Oh!
Sorry, I clicke dback into this and was like… I read this already is this thing busted
My pleasure was, step 1, make sure I had a new face/body.
I’m considering step 2!
The meeting is not for a little while yet, yes?
Jessica (GM): fair, fair
It was on Wednesday from when we left off on a… Monday?
if you want it to not be for a little while, you got space in there
Fin: Right, right
Mostly don’t wanna dive into that if Sean’s joining us
Jessica (GM): fair
can wait on him, if you’d like
Fin: And so… I think I ought to talk to some guardians about the Chieron Group.
Jessica (GM): even fairer!
Fin: With my lying spell/mind read shield on full blast :P
Jessica (GM): You can probably get a contact of a contact to put you in touch with a Guardian
If you want to meet, though? Probably at the “neutral ground” space for cabals to meet in Chicago.
And also Snow’s new cabal—
The Abattoir.
Old Town, it’s a mid-to-high-end dance club.
Fin: Oh, right, that place.
Jessica (GM): Don’t think you’ve ever been.
Fin: Probably no. But, sure!
Sure as in… yeah, let’s meet there.
Jessica (GM): Gotcha gotcha.
Place opens around 5 pm.
Tragically unhip to be at a dance club that early, but whatev
Fin: Tragically unhip sounds ideal.
Jessica (GM): sorry, pulling my notes.
Fin: np
Jessica (GM): okay, I’m ready.
The place is largely empty as you enter— mostly staff in here, at present. Looks like your contact hasn’t arrived as yet, either.
THere’s a man sitting at one of the tables who looks up at you, though, and he immediately demands attention—
In his mid sixties, he nonetheless has near-waist length silver hair which flows down his back in shockingly straight lines, offsetting an extremely loud coat— purple and red with flecks of blue in crazy, swirling patterns.
There’s tails on the jacket, you realize—
Like a circus ringleader.

Fin draws to a stop, and finds herself just staring at the man for longer than is polite.
Fin: No one I know, I’m assuming.
Jessica (GM): No indeed.
He returns your gaze, tilting his head.

Fin blinks.
Jessica (GM): “Interesting magic. Care for a drink?”
Fin: “Uh-… sorry… I-… what?”
Jessica (GM): He has an accent you don’t really recognize— eastern european.
“Your enchantments. You have an artist’s style in their weaving.”

Fin gives a slow blink, then slowly looks around the empty club. Is this real life? She settles her gaze back on the man.
Fin: “I, uh-… I’m meetin’ someone. Sorry.”
Jessica (GM): “That is everyone’s story when they arrive here in my home.”
“I suspect they have not, as yet, arrived, no?”
Fin: “Don’t… think… so…”

Fin says that, as she slowly looks around. Because she doesn’t quite know who she IS looking for.
Fin: “So… guess I can get a drink while I wait.”
Jessica (GM): “By all means. An introduction would not be taken amiss, either.” He flicks a wrist, and the chair across from him slides out.
“Jon?” He calls over to the bar, leaning aside. “Something neat for the young lady, I suspect.”

Fin steps forward with a demeanor that doesn’t quite match her appearance.
Fin: “Uh, thanks… Jon…”

Fin clears her throat, and looks back to the man.
Fin: “Fin.”
“… that, I mean, that’s my name.”
Jessica (GM): “Ahhhh, the elusive Curator of our local library. Charmed.”
“I am the Chevalier, I run the show, so to speak, here.”
“I do hope you’ll have time to stay for our performance this evening.”
Fin: “Nice to meet you… I was planning on checkin’ outta here the moment I was done. What’s the… performance?”
Jessica (GM): He looks a little startled, at that.

Fin just continues to stare, looking slightly annoyed… as she normally looks.
The Chevalier: “You are… not familiar with our cabal at all, truly?”
Fin: “This right here feels a little bit like when you bump into a celebrity on the street… which one of us is it supposed to be more awkward for?”
The Chevalier: “Ah, fair, fair, I forget you are yet young, despite your… formidable aura.”
“We have only run this club since, ah… 2015, or so, thereabouts? It was quite the affair with the local consilium when we settled down.”
“Before that, Satordi’s Satanic Sideshow, the Abattoir, as we are now called, traveled the world.”
“We are performers.”
“And Adamantine Arrow, of course. Aside from Madame Strega, she is one of your rank.”
Fin: “Of course she is.”
The Chevalier: “Israfil requested us by name.” He waves a hand.
“We were given this property in exchange for further Arrow protection in your city.”
“And of course, we have not abandoned our sense of style. " He looks over to th ebar again. “Jon! The drink, and then turn on the evening lights.”
“Our audience will arrive shortly enough.”
As the lights are turned up in the bar, you get a better look at the walls, the decor—
Fin: “… Right…”
The Chevalier: black, red, and white circus stripes adorn the walls.
The place is fastidiously clean, clearly high scale, but it nonetheless takes on a certain air of the carnival.
The bartender shortly after brings you a glass of some clear liquor.
“You really should stay, Fin.”
“Your friend Snow has revolutionized our scoring.”

Fin takes the drink, eyeing it, then sniffing it…
The Chevalier: Vodka, you think.
Fin: “Uh, scoring?”
The Chevalier: “Music?”
Fin: “Oh! Yeah… yeah. Uh… yeah, okay, whatever. Sure. I’ll stay for your… show.”
The Chevalier: “Wondrous, wondrous. Ah, and of course, a friendly word—”
“You may see many strangers in the night here this evening.”
“The Abattoir accepts all kinds.”
“Please, be respectful, yes?”
He raises a glass.
Fin: “Oh, yeah… always.”

Fin lifts her glass, as well, then takes a very careful sip.
The Chevalier: It’s good— top shelf stuff, like Claire always kept.
Hey Sean, you about?
Sean C.: I am!
Jessica (GM): Just added your character to you.
Sean C.: Excellent
Nail: (le test)
Jessica (GM): Chicago has been lonely, since your arrival here. This is probably not a particularly large change for you, though.
People cross streets to avoid you when you walk down its sidewalks.

Nail is not unused to it.
Jessica (GM): You did, however, come across something in your bag as you were digging through it, earlier.
A scrap of paper you certainly didn’t put there.
‘The Abattoir. Seek Finesse in all your dealings.’
Sean C.: Wizard House!
Jessica (GM): An address is scrawled at the bottom, in a hasty hand.

Nail mutters to himself, and then to any ghosts who may be around. “Anyone see who did this… I didn’t do it…”
Jessica (GM): The shadows stretch long around you, as you look across that veil.
But they have nothing to say.

Nail isn’t sure why Finesse is capitalized, so he shall assume he is meant to be, well, agile. But he does head to the address, curious and wary.
Jessica (GM): It’s a club, looks like, Nail— fancier part of town than you’re accustomed to.
Doesn’t appear to be a cover, though.
It starts on two stories, the name ABATTOIR lighting the outside of the building in garish green neon.
Sean C.: Is there a discrete alley anywhere I can duck into?
Jessica (GM): Yeah.
Fin: For reference… old town…

Nail takes a quick detour before entering the club, tossing his bag into a dumpster and charging Pyros through his body, dumping in enough to fully charge his Corporeum Alembic of Motus, and then moves to enter the club with extreme Grace, but also looking no one in the eye.
Jessica (GM): Fin, you’re watching the door, still waiting for this Guardian you’re supposed to be meeting, when Nail walks in.
What does she see?

Nail is pale, but not inhumanly so. Very plain, but moderately stylish, if one is into the urban goth scene. Hoodie, probably stolen, all black, running shoes. A charge of unnatural energy for those sensitive to things like that.

Fin is, at this moment, a pretty blonde, dressed in a throw back bulls sweatshirt and a lot of black. She’s sitting, by herself, looking generally annoyed.
Jessica (GM): You’re in good company in this bar, even as Fin is feeling increasingly feeling out of place.
Lot of leather in here.
This is a fetish club, Fin. You are pretty sure.
Goths and leather and pale ski n as far as the eye can see.
Fin: “Fuck this place…”

Fin checks her phone that no one actually has the number to.
Fin: Anything weird about Nail that would qualify under Space, Mind, or Spirit sight?
Nail: I imagine being fueled by Ectoplasm may count for the latter
Jessica (GM): Indeed it does.
Plus just the vaguest whiff of unease when you lay eyes on him.
Nothing like what you felt coming off the Rag Man.
But familiar.
A feeling that says "look elsewhere. move on.’

Nail looks around. “Interesting…” he whispers as he slides through the crowd, moving like a fetish-crowd olympian,

Fin watches the man for a moment, then moves on. Cause staring is rude.
Nail: Oh I was supposed to roll for one of these powers. To remember how…
Jessica (GM): OH yeah uh
go under settings
and add the Roll macro
we just click that to do rolls here
calculates successes for us.
Fin: “What do ya think, man? Should we get outta here…? Shit’s fuckin’ weird…”

Fin is, of course, talking to what looks like an very strange starving dog that’s sitting next to her, in Twilight.
Nail: Not seeing it, hrm
Jessica (GM): lemme check.
(You’d be able to see the dog, likely— weirdest thing in here)
Nail: found it
Jessica (GM): sorry
go to the m— ok
simplifies a lot
first is for number of dice, second is for target number
Nail: rolling {8d10!>10}>8
= 1 Successes
Fin: Second is the roll again number
Jessica (GM): right right
TN only really gets altered by mummy so it never comes up

Nail extends his sight into Twilight, because there are probably ghosts in a goth club… right? WEll, there is a dog, and so he moves to the pair of them. “Cool party.”
Jessica (GM): This isn’t the Guardian, is it? Is this the Guardian?
you never met the guy before.

Fin looks up at Nail, eyeing him for a long moment.
Fin: “Yeah… It’s uh-… Fuck, I got no idea. Just waiting for a… well. Meetin’ someone here.”
Surely I have a name?
Jessica (GM): Yeah, Piccolo got in touch with a friend, who got in touch with a friend, who told you a guardian named Nail would be here

Nail offers a smile.
“Cool. Nice dog.”

Fin doesn’t try very hard to hide a cringe… and then she clears her throat.
Fin: “Oh, yeah, I saved his life so he’s pretty much stuck with me…”
“Annoying as fuck but, ya know. Useful on rare occasion. Plus isn’t dressed in weird ass fuckin’ leather… white people are weird.”

Fin is, of course, white. Right now.

Nail tilts his head. “What does melanin have to do with psychology?”
Fin: “That a serious question…? Or you just decide to walk into a club and start a fight?”

Nail leans back a little onto the balls of his feet. An instinctual fight or flight response, biological, not learned. “I only ask serious questions.”
Fin: “… yeah, okay… Yes, white people do think that darker phenotypes do not.”
“I mean, you know, speaking in broad terms. Seen a few-… uh. Black people in here.”

Fin says, remember that she’s white atm.
Nail: “Neat.”
Fin: “… So anyway. Any chance you who I’m supposed to meeting? Dude named Nail?”

Nail eyes narrow and he glances around, looking for a good escape route or, if need be, a quick improvised weapon. “I’m Nail.”
Fin: “Thank fuckin’ baby Jesus for that. I’m Fin. You… wanna stay to see what this shit’s about?”

Fin gestures to the stage.
Fin: “Or get outta here and talk somewhere quiet?”

Nail shakes his head. “Unless Fin is short for Finesse, I’m staying until I am sure I am not in danger.”
Fin: “Fin is short for Finesse.”
Nail: “Neat. Then let’s go, I suppose!”
Fin: “Thank fuck.”

Fin gets up, gives a look around, then heads for the door.
Fin: Any problems exiting, Jess?
Jessica (GM): No, none.
The pair of you step back out into the night.
Sean C.: Oh Sam, you used Spirit Sight on me?
Fin: “So… Guardian. How’s that shit? Always sounded like such a drag…”
Yeah… I mean, Mage Sight Spirit
Fin always has some kinda “see spirits” going
Sean C.: Then you have to resist Disquiet. Azoth vs Res+Com :|
rolling {3d10!>10}>8
= 1 Successes
Fin: rolling {5d10!>10}>8
= 2 Successes
Sean C.: Yay I lost and you are ok
A mortal spends a full scene in superficial social contact with
the Promethean. Additional scenes in the same chapter do
not count as another trigger.
• A Promethean attempts to seduce, persuade, intimidate, or
otherwise manipulate the mortal, whether through using
Sean C.: Skill rolls or Social maneuvering (see p. 202).
• A character uses supernatural senses on a Promethean, such
as the Unseen Sense Merit or the various detection and
scrutiny-related powers of supernatural beings.
• A mortal witnesses a Promethean’s disfigurements (see p.
Sean C.: • The mortal and the Promethean engage in a conversation
lasting more than a few minutes, or exchange personal
information (even falsified).
Fin: Fin isn’t mortal
Jessica (GM): yeah, one of the things I’m thankful for in 2E
Sean C.: Mages are for this
Fin: Really? Huh
Sean C.: Mages, changelings, hunters, and Sin-Eaters
are human enough that they respond to Disquiet like
human beings. Many such creatures have ways to mitigate or resist Disquiet, if they know to do so
Jessica (GM): ahh, okay.
Fin: Weird. Ok.
Jessica (GM): Fin usually has a mind shield up, which’ll take care of that most like.
Just enough of a problem most of the time to give you that faint sense of unease.
Fin: So Fin has Spirit 2 attainment, which is passively detect the presence of spirits, then when using Mage Sight: Spirit, you can see Spirits in Twilight

Nail is not a spirit, just touched by them. Badly. And then ok. He stares at Fin as they walk out. “Guardian? No, I’m an assistant undertaker.”
Fin: “Assistant-… uh. Yeah, okay… Whatever…”
“I’m looking for a little insight into a company called Cheiron Group. Anything an assistant undertaker would know about?”
Sean C.: Jess? Any bells ringing?
Jessica (GM): Not a one, Nail, and—
A man a little older than you in a casual polo shirt and khakis walks over to you two.
Spiked hair.
“Fin, from the Mysterium?”

Nail was starting to walk towards the alleyway where he stashed his bag. “No, I don’t think they are in the funerary business…”

Fin sighs…
Fin: “Yeah?”
Vayn: “Vayn. Thought we were meeting inside the club.”

Vayn looks over at Nail, sizing him up.
Vayn: “…Thought you’d be alone, at that.”

Fin looks aside, at Nail. Then back to Vayn.
Fin: “Was told I was meetin’ a dude called Nail.”

Nail looks between Vayn and Fin. “What’s a Mysterium?”
Vayn: His brow furrows.

Fin sighs AGAIN.
Fin: “Fuckin’ demons…”
Vayn: “Be sober, be vigilant, for your adversary the Devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking who he may devour.” He mutters.
“Doesn’t matter. I have a message for you.”
Sean C.: Sean isn’t an occultist, but Nail is. Any chance I’d recognize that little passage?
Fin: “Okay…?”
Nail: “This doesn’t seem to be my business.”

Nail states the obvious.
Vayn: That’s not occultism, Nail, but you may well recognize it anyway—
it’s Biblical.
He takes a step forward, before either of you can do anything.
You see a knife flashing in his hand, Nail.
What’s your defense, Fin.
Nail: rolling {6d10!>10}>8
= 1 Successes
Sean C.: When yer as goth (and inhuman) as Nail, is there a difference? >_>
Fin: Will be 10 w/ armor
we can make it 12 w/ willpower
Vayn: there went ol’ Sean
we’ll call it 12, that is fine by me.
The knife is enchanted, so—
rolling {3d10!>10}>8
= 0 Successes
Sean C.: (sorry closed chrome like a genius)
Vayn: You still manage to turn it aside but that was a damned close shot—
Inch on being in your chest.
Fin: You want init or just react?
Vayn: React, then init
Fin: Sorry, I mean… pose a reaction, or take a turn?
Vayn: oh, the former

Fin suddenly jerks back, and while the knife should have hit her, space seems to just warp around her and despite her being there… she’s not.
Fin: “What the FUCK!”
rolling 1d10+5
= 9
So, for init, you gotta do /roll 1d10
init mod
Vayn: rolling 1d10+5
= 12
Sean C.: rolling 1d10
= 8
Vayn: He doesn’t slow up at all, seemingly unbothered by missing you, Fin—
His other hand comes fire, and his nimbus flares— like golden fire.
Then you realize it’s not just his nimbus.
rolling {8d10!>10}>8
= 1 Successes
1 agg damage coming your way as you are lighted with radiant fire.
This is basically insane, Nail.
Vayn: The man stands grim-faced, eyes wide and bright and not quite all there.
HIs head, nonetheless, snaps to you, Nail.
“Let the dead bury the dead, boy. Get out of here.”
Fin up.

Fin takes a step back, when suddenly she’s getting hit by fire. That surely causes a yelp.
Sean C.: Nah, this isn’t THAT weird, I mean, it isn’t racial psychology
Fin: What’s his resolve?
Sorry, composure
Jessica (GM): 3.
He has a mind shield on him, though, you can feel it—
didn’t cast it himself.
Fin: What a jerk.
Jessica (GM): Nothing obvious.
Sean C.: Is this the same scene as earlier, btw?
Jessica (GM): will say yeah.
Fin: I’m going to attempt terrorize
mind 4. Applies insensate tilt. Which makes them unable to do anything until they’re damaged
Jessica (GM): mind shield clash first, I believe?
Fin: Uh… I think cast it first, but then mind clash
rolling {7d10!>10}>8
= 1 Successes
To cast it.
Now we kung fu fight
er, ming clash
Fin: lol
Jessica (GM): after you.
Fin: rolling {9d10!>10}>8
= 4 Successes
Jessica (GM): rolling {9d10!>10}>8
= 2 Successes
You get through.
Tilt: applied.
He pauses in mid-sentence, eyes widening.
He mumbles to himself as he stares.

Fin quickly waves a hand at the man and, a presto, he just stops. And looks horrified.
Vayn: “Do not be afraid of anything that you are going to suffer. Indeed, the devil will throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested, and you will face an ordeal for ten days. Remain faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.”
He repeats it.
Nail, you’re up.
Fin: “Fucking fuck fuck fuck..!”

Fin is also patting out fire on her clothes.
Sean C.: Ok, I am going to take my free Condition for the story – Steadfast. And I am going to reflexively use Improvised Weaponry to find a stabber or a basher
rolling {7d10!>10}>8
= 3 Successes
That should give me a +0L, 1 init weapon. What’s around?
Fin: A beer bottle.
Vayn: Indeed there is.
“The crown of life… the crown of life…”
Sean C.: Then I’m going to attempt to smash this bottle into the guy as hard as I possibly can
All Out attack, blowing 3 Pyros and a Willpower
Fin: Uh…
It’s a coup de grace?
Nope, sorry!
Defense applies.
Vayn: Defense is 8.
Sean C.: rolling {9d10!>10}>8
= 5 Successes
5 strength, 3 weaponry w/ spec, +2 All out, +3WP, +3Pyros, -8 def
Vayn: goodness me.
yeah, that’ll hit.
He’s knocked out of his stupor as you give him a pretty serious head wound, sending him staggering.
“What the

Nail moves monstrously fast, and more raw Pyros flickers through his form, revealing the truth – he is a monster built of parts and spirit-glue. “The dead can’t bury themselves, idiot!” Taking the bottle, Nail smashes it into the fellow viciously!"
Vayn: His eyes widen as he stares at you.
“Demon. Unclean thing!”
He stares wild back at you, Fin. “You are marked!”
He breaks into a run, out of the alley and into the crowded streets.
You are left with the choice of pursuing him into, well, a crowd.
Or letting him run for it.
Vayn: Fin.
Fin: I will use mind control.
Psychic Domination, sorry.
Jessica (GM): right right.
Fin: Which will clash again, I’m assuming.
Jessica (GM): yup.
Fin: rolling {9d10!>10}>8
= 0 Successes
Sean C.: I need a condition for my exceptional
Fin: Can I spend WP to reroll that?
Jessica (GM): You can
will eat it if you need it on the clash, ofc, but that won’t matter if you don’t.
ah yeah, Sean, sorry
frekain’ conditions
Fin: Will eat it?
Jessica (GM): nevermind, yes
Fin: rolling {9d10!>10}>8
= 1 Successes
This is just to cast the spell :P
rolling {9d10!>10}>8
= 2 Successes
That’s to clash.
Jessica (GM): You feel a surge of Adrenaline, Nail.
Don’t have to know what’s going on to feel like you’ve got the upper hand, after all.
The thrill of victory is coursing through your veins. Either in sport or in combat, your body is running hot and heavy. You may resolve this condition to gain +3 to any roll during which Initiative is being tracked, as if spending a Willpower. Resolution: you use the bonus.
rolling {9d10!>10}>8
= 4 Successes
You feel the shield that time, Fin.

Fin starts after the man, and then, abruptly… “FUCK!”
Jessica (GM): He’s vanished around a corner, soon enough.
Leaving the two of you alone, you stinging with your fresh burns.
End initiative.
Whoever that was came ready for you specifically.

Fin looks quite peeved as she stops running, and watches the crowd for a long moment.
Fin: “Fucking… fuck.”

Sean C. shrugs and tosses the bottle aside. “I could catch him, uh, if you want?”

Nail shrugs and tosses the bottle aside. “I could catch him, uh, if you want?”
Fin: “Well, fucking, yes!”
“Probably gone, gone by now, but definitely want to know who the fuck is trying to kill me.”
Nail: “Whoever they are, they are rude, obsessed with Christian scripture, and able to fling fire.”
Fin: “Thank you, Nail. So how you going to find him?!”
Nail: “Oh. I’m very fast. I am sure I could catch him.”
Fin: “Then go!”

Nail nods and begins to give chase, his Titan’s form being, well, fucking fast, like Usain Bolt but in all black.
Jessica (GM): Well.
You dealing with the crowds in some way or just letting them, well
Sean C.: According to the tome o’ rules, I can “ignore environmental penalties equal to my parkour rating”, does that help?
Jessica (GM): Definitely— going over heads would be smarter.
Fin: I think Jess means their reaction to you
Jessica (GM): haha, yeah.
Fin: Like, suddenly the fastest man on earth sprinting through and around them.
I mean, I guess if he starts to run, I’l lhit him w/ incognito presence
Sean C.: Oooh. I don’t really have the means to impact the crowd, so I’ll just use my hood!
Fin: Since apparently he’s as fast as he says.
The both of us.
Jessica (GM): Hood, that tracks
that’s the main thing I was asking, haha
Fin: rolling {9d10!>10}>8
= 1 Successes
Jessica (GM): your titan form would horriy the fuck out of passers by on full view
Fin: Incognito presence! Fine now!
Sean C.: Well the Pyros for being all titaned out was spent in the alley, it is scene long
Jessica (GM): yeah, I know
we’re on page, no worries
Sean C.: ok!
Jessica (GM): chase on!
Sean C.: Dex or Stamina +athletics?
Jessica (GM): Whichever you feel is more justified by the RP is fine.
Sean C.: rolling {7d10!>10}>8
= 3 Successes
rolling {4d10!>10}>8
= 0 Successes
(it was rote)
Once activated, the Promethean’s Strength and Stamina both increase by three and her Dexterity by one, even if this takes the
character over her usual maximums. In addition, any athletic (non-
combat) action that calls upon a roll utilizing Strength or Stamina
Sean C.: gains the rote quality. Finally, the character’s Speed is doubled.
Jessica (GM): You’ve never seen a man that big move that fast, Fin.
Neither has anyone else— he draws a share of gawkers as he passes.
Fin: I cast Incognito Presence! No one will notice him.
Jessica (GM): Incognito presence works best when people don’t draw attention to themselves, as you know.

Sean C. does as he is instructed, throwing on his hood and BOLTING after the guy, leaping over fruit carts and Chicago deep dish pizzas and crooked politicians. “Getbackhere”

Nail does as he is instructed, throwing on his hood and BOLTING after the guy, leaping over fruit carts and Chicago deep dish pizzas and crooked politicians. “Getbackhere”
Fin: whateves… they won’t remember him, even if they do notice him!
Jessica (GM): fair, fair
You sight him, Nail, ducking into a nearby alley.

Fin notes the big man going very fast and throws up incognito presence, then chases after him.
Fin: I forgot Fin actually was good at this… hah
rolling {8d10!>10}>8
= 3 Successes
Sean C.: remember Nail isn’t actually a big guy
Fin: Oh. Jess said big!
Jessica (GM): sorry, sorry
Getting the feel, haha
Sean C.: probably because I am a Titan!
a little one
tiny titan
Jessica (GM): You chase into the alley.
Sputtering, still gripping his head, you see Vayn at the other end.
Vayn: “There’s a reckoning coming, Fin!”
Fin: (And Fin has Parkour as well. At least, to 2… so can avoid environmental penalties)
Vayn: He shouts over.
“For you, and anyone fool enough to stand beside you!”
And then he does something that Nail, at least, probably could not have expected.
He goes off like a shot… up.
Into the sky.

Nail stops running along the ground. “GETBACKHERE!”

Nail jump!
Sean C.: If the character is performing a standing broad jump
(horizontally), her distance is tripled as with a running jump.
However, if the character is leaping vertically, her maximum height is merely doubled.
Sure he probably can’t, but he is gonna try
Jessica (GM): Give it a go.

Fin flies around the corner, just in time to see the guy go UP.
Sean C.: rolling {8d10!>10}>8
= 2 Successes
rolling {6d10!>10}>8
= 2 Successes
Fin: And yeah, lemme know if I can cast again. Cause… if he’s still within sight, there’s stuff to be done.
Sean C.: 4, with the Rote from being a strength athletic
Jessica (GM): It’s dark, but I’ll give you a cast—
Nail can’t quite reach him.
Though he gives it a hell of an attempt.
Sean C.: I should have used my +3 adrenaline surge :|
Fin: He’s flying up?
Like, straight up?
Jessica (GM): Yep.
I mean, angling.
Not literally 180 degrees.
He’s using Forced, you’d guess.
Fin: Right, right.
Jessica (GM): Some of those guys can fly.
Fin: Okay, Alter direction. Up and away will be defined as directly at Nail.
For just him.
rolling {9d10!>10}>8
= 1 Successes
My dice tonight.
Jessica (GM): I get a resist on this?
Fin: Does not look like it
Jessica (GM): Then you will get your hands on him after all, Nail— after you’re on your way back down.
He goes slack, as he feels your hands closing on him.
“…Damn you. Damn you both.”
Fin: Will wait to see what Nail does.
Sean C.: How long until we land? Can I get to the ground and then get another bottle?
Fin: You’ll land as you land normally. He’s flying toward the ground and has no idea why :P
Jessica (GM): Yup.
Vayn: He’s glaring daggers at you, Fin, as the two of them hit ground.

Nail falls prey to his Torment: Merciless, and will attempt to continue stabbing the man until there is no more man to stab.
Vayn: I won’t make you roll that— he can’t stop you.
He does manage a cry, as you start stabbing him— it’s a wet, gurgling, noise.
“This doesn’t… end… with me.”

Fin grimaces… then turns and waves hand toward the entrance to the alley.
Jessica (GM): You’re not sure how much time has passed, Nail.
Fin: Hidden door. Make the entrance to the alley go away… illusory and all. But, lya know. So no one witnesses this :P
Jessica (GM): But he is extremely dead.
Lost control for a moment.
Fin: “God damn, man… you remind me of a friend of mine…” says Fin, seemingly rather relax about this.

Nail keeps stabbing with various sharp things he finds. “You should not have crossed me. You should not have burned my friend Finesse. You should not have run! You should not fly!”
Fin: “Yeah… you and Jhevra… could slaughter all sorts of people together…”

Fin just leans back against a dumpster, waiting for Nail to tucker himself out.
Nail: rolling {2d10!>10}>8
= 0 Successes
Sean C.: fml
Dramatic Failure: The Promethean falls into Torment more deeply than usual. Gain the Tormented Condition (p.312). When
attempting to resolve it, the player rolls Azoth. If this roll fails, the character remains in Torment (but gains a Vitriol Beat).
Jessica (GM): hoo.
dramatic failures only happen on a chance die, mind
Fin: Well that’s not dramatic
Jessica (GM): though you can choose to make any failure dramatic
for a beat
Sean C.: Oh right!
SO just regular torment

Sean C. runs out of things within immediate reach to stab into the man’s corpse and shrugs. “I’ve never murdered anyone before. I should have paid more attention to what killed him…”

Nail runs out of things within immediate reach to stab into the man’s corpse and shrugs. “I’ve never murdered anyone before. I should have paid more attention to what killed him…”
Fin: “uh… you did, my man.”
Nail: “I meant which particular injury.”

Nail walks towards Fin. “You. You are not human but you are not like me. Explain.”
Fin: “Oh… yeah that… Didn’t seem important to me-…”
“I mean, the stabbing. Me? It’s uh… pretty much everybody else likes to call us ‘will workers’. But… magician. Wizard. Warlock. Just… ya know. Any of that shit.”

Fin wanders over to the battered corpse.
Fin: He still got that knife? Is it anything abnormal?
Jessica (GM): Had an enchantment on it, you’re pretty sure.
Gone, now.
The resonance fading like embers.
Man, you’ve never seen this guy in your life.

Fin eyes him a bit, then unslings her backpack and draws from it some rubber gloves.
Fin: (Cause Fin’s was a house burglar!)

Fin searches pockets, looking for wallet, keys, etc.
Nail: “Fascinating. You are able to manipulate facets of reality?”
Fin: “That’s right. It’s… kinda… complicated. I guess.”

Nail watches Fin. “I have at least 17 questions.”
Fin: “But, dude here … was… like me. Dead as fuck now, but…a will worker, just the same. Different, uh… schools.”
“I can’t fly. So… don’t worry ’bout that.”

Nail would offer to dispose of the body, but that is too mundane for him to care right now.

Nail also looks to see if this guy left a ghost, which would be super convenient and unlikely.
Jessica (GM): He did not, Nail.
Nail: “Define school. An area of focus and expertise, such as evocation or enchantment, or an institution of learning?”
Jessica (GM): Weird things, “magicians” or otherwise, rarely do.
Fin: “Uh… both, actually. But more the firs tone. Focus and expertise.”
He got a wallet and/or anything else, Jess?
Jessica (GM): No. Some cash in his pocket.
His boots have dried mud on the soles, and he’s wearing a golden cross necklace.
That’s all that’s really distinguishing.
Fin: “Now, why he wanted me dead… well. More than a couple of reasons that coulda been. If he was sent by Cheiron Group… This is a big fuckin’ problem.”
Anything magic about the necklace
Nail: “He seemed quite intent on purging the sinful, as interpreted through Christian gospel. And he seemed to believe you are one of said sinners.”
Jessica (GM): Not directly—
Possibly a focus.
Fin: “Yeah. Cheiron ain’t about that. But, I mean, to be clear… I am definitely a sinner.”

Fin reaches out for the cross and tugs it off the man’s neck.
Fin: “So, uh… you said you worked a funeral home? You think you can handle this? Or you comfortable just leavin’ it here, make it look like a mugging gone way wrong?”
Jessica (GM): You could probably colocate the body into the ocean, too, but :effort:
Nail: “I have multiple methods of disposing of the corpse.”

Nail makes no effort to begin doing so.
Fin: “Well, if you want to. I mean… your fuckin’ prints and dna on the dude. Not mine.”

Nail shrugs. “I don’t have a human identity. But if you wish me to dispose of the body I shall, if you will answer my questions.”
Fin: “Uuuuh… sure. How ’bout we deal with this…” Fin gestures to the body. “Then we got get some food and I’ll answer your questions?”
Sean C.: Is the knife still there, just mundane?
Jessica (GM): Yeah.

Nail looks around for a dark, secluded spot, possibly on a roof. “It will take me a few hours to completely consume his body.”
Jessica (GM): You are walking some shadowed paths of late, Fin.
Fin: “… Consume.”
Sean C.: Tolerance for Biology + Promethean Constitution = yay
Fin: “Let’s… not… do that. I’ll handle the body, aight?”
Today Fin learned that eating people is less weird when you’re a wolf. And more weird when you’re not.
Nail: “If you wish, though this method would leave zero forensic evidence. My alchemical furnace is perfectly efficient.”
Fin: “I do not know… what the fuck you just said. I’ma just dump him in the ocean.”

Nail clarifies. “My digestive process differs from humans. I can perfectly convert anything I can swallow into energy.”
Fin: “Oh, uh… go to know. Still not down.”

Fin steps forward and leans down, grabbing hold of the dude’s feet, then drags him back a short ways… through a portal?

Fin pulls, pushes shoves, and then body is through said portal! Gone!
Fin: “Aight! … Let’s go get some tacos.”

Fin Sessions - Act 4 Session 2
Act 4 Session 2 - Rags to Riches

Jessica (GM): Cup of mummy dust
Sam C.: Not to be stolen from Egypt, but purchased.
Jessica (GM): Naturally.
The brits took all the mummy dust out of england like a hundred years ago anyway, let’s be real
out of egypt*
And so, unless you had other plans for your afternoon.
We’ll pick up an hour after sunset on the outskirts of this abandoned hospital.
Which is, true to form, just straight up a crumbling building with a barb-wire fence around it.
Jessica (GM): In the middle of town.*657/DSC05486.jpg*657/DSC05487.jpg
Fin: Not that Fin would ever, but…
Jessica (GM): hah
Fin: What’s the date?
Jessica (GM): Let’s see…
May 1, 2016
A Monday.
er, 2017
Fin: Okay

Fin arrives at the location on foot, having taken a Lyft a couple blocks away. She’s dressed in black jeans, black boots, a black leather jacket. Back in black.
Jessica (GM): The windows are dark, of course.
Fin: I’ll turn on uh… what’s that spell…
Sorry, sec
The outward an dinward eye!
Jessica (GM): What does this do
Fin: rolling {12d10!>10}>8
= 6 Successes
360 degree vision
Jessica (GM): Gotcha.
Fin: Well
Jessica (GM): It’s a quiet area, anyway— looks like it’s mostly residential across the street there.
Old neighborhood.
Fin: I’ll also be casting on my mind read shield (which helps me lie), plus my general mental attack shield.
Jessica (GM): Don’t guess you really know this area— Edgewater’s north side.
Fin: I do not.
rolling {7d10!>10}>8
= 1 Successes
Jessica (GM): It’s near Lincoln Park, anyway.
Fin: Well, really, I guess I woulda taken the red line up
but that’s neither here nor there!
Did Airy (was that his name?) specify a “where”… beyond this building?
Jessica (GM): Guess he figured you could work it out from there.
He also warned you the building was, you know, haunted.
Fin: Riiiight.
I will turn on spirit shield, too!
rolling {7d10!>10}>8
= 1 Successes
I know. Doesn’t help against ghosts. But ya know…
Jessica (GM): Sure, sure
Fin: Alright.
I’ll go around the side, look for a door that’s mostly obscured for pedestrians/drivers
Jessica (GM): actually this is the mood music I’m going with
That’s not too hard to find— it’s a large building, mostly takes up this section of the block.
Well, more than one building—
Looks like it was a good-sized hospital.
Has that early-2000s blocky brick non-aesthetic.
ER entrance is street-side, but you can see another entrance for long-term patients on the far side, ringed by a broken parking lot with grass growing between the cracks in the asphalt.
Fin: Looks good. We’ll go that way.
Anything magical showing up, space, mind, spirit?
Jessica (GM): No, no, and no.
That said, you will find those glass doors unlocked, when you come to them.
And almost as soon as your hand touches the door handle you feel a real sense of disquiet.

Fin considers a moment, then shrugs, and pulls the door open.
Jessica (GM): The place within is something of a mess—
There’s no furniture here, just a wide raised lobby bar.
Graffiti covers the walls.
And there’s trash and debris on the tile floor.
Fin: “Anyone home…?”
Jessica (GM): You suspect the elevator you pass isn’t in operation, there’s no power.*657/DSC05484.jpg
Your voice echoes off the walls.
But the place is silent as a tomb.

Fin continues along, looking for a stairway.
Fin: And THIS time, Fin will have a real flash light.
A proper breaking and entering flashlight. Red light!
Jessica (GM): You find one without too much trouble— doors look to have been chained at one point, but the lock has long since been cut and not replaced.

Fin pushes open the door and heads for the stairway.
Jessica (GM): You make your way up the stairs, past a few floors— long-term care, burn ward, intensive care
Above you in the stirwell, though, you can just make out a light flickering off the walls.

Fin continues on up. Up, up, up. Definitely past the fucking burn ward.
Jessica (GM): You head up and find a candle, burned half down, sitting at the corner of a door.
The placard beside it reads REHABILITATION CENTER
Fin: “Hellloooo…?”
Jessica (GM): That sense of unease is gnawing inside you, now, as your second call goes unanswered.
An anxiety scratching at the back of your mind.

Fin sighs, and pushes open the door to this floor.
Fin: “Buncha bullshit…”
Jessica (GM): The door opens up into a large room ringed with dirty windows.*657/DSC05498.jpg
An empty pool sits in the middle of it—
With some lawn equipment.
And a man in a hoodie sits facing towards you.
YOu can’t make out his face in the gloom unless you point your flashlight right at him.
Jessica (GM): You feel a vague urge to bolt.
Fin: Which… not doing that.
His voice comes muffled, as he stands up. "I don’t have any “shit” to score tonight, friend."
Rag Man: He’s wearing a gas mask.
You can hear him breathing, as he stares up at you through the lenses.
Fin: “Oh, yeah? Kinda figured you’d have… well. Anything.”
Rag Man: “The dealers that used to squat here are dead.”
“Accident, I heard.”
Fin: He have any signs of the supernal on him?
Rag Man: No.
He just feels… wrong
Your mage sight reads his aura like patchy static.
A station you can’t read.
Fin: Okay. I’m going to use Augment Mind, 5 potency. Raise my resolve and composure both to 5.
rolling {7d10!>10}>8
= 3 Successes

Fin sucks in a breath as she focuses for a few seconds… then blows it out.
Fin: “Surprised they didn’t just up an’ fuckin’ run. This place isn’t exactly… you know. Welcoming.”
Rag Man: “You’re welcome to do the same.”
“My cot’s already here.”
Fin: “Naw… I got some work to do. Supposed to see a dude called Rag Man…”
Rag Man: “…Who sent you?”
Fin: “My good friend Airy. Old man didn’t want to walk his ass up all those stairs.”

Fin says this, of course, with a smirk.
Rag Man: “Airyaman. Fine.”
“Come down here, I’m not shouting across the room.”
“You can keep the torch, but don’t point it at the windows.”

Fin steps forward to the edge of the pool and looks down into it.
Fin: Anything particularly more unnerving about the pool itself?
Rag Man: No.
Just dry concrete.
It’s, you know.
Closer to him

Fin hops down into it.
Rag Man: Which feels like a fundamentally bad idea.
But hey.
“The dead sleep, so long as they hear the song.”
“They hear the song so long as I feel secure.”
Fin: “Yeah… I been in a few buildings… I wasn’t suppose to be in…”
“… The song?”
Rag Man: “Mmh. A lullaby.”
“My heart sings it to them.”
Fin: “Is it… being sang right now? … Oh, yeah, of course.”
Now Airy gave me something to give to him, no?
Rag Man: Yeah, a macbook.
Fin: Right, right.
“So… got a laptop for you… in exchange for some… uh. Mummy dust…?”

Fin starts to unsling her backpack.
Rag Man: “There’s been a complication, on that front.”
“What’s your name.”
Fin: “A complication. With a mac-for-mummy-dust exchange. Yeah that makes sense…”

Fin huffs.
Fin: “It’s Fin.”
Rag Man: “The shipment was intercepted. Trouble beyond our negotiated price.”
“I can give you the location, Fin, for the original fee.”
Fin: “Wait wait wait…”
“You want me to pay you… the same fee. But now I gotta haul my ass to… where? And get past… what security?”
Rag Man: He shrugs.
“Or you can return empty-handed to your client. It doesn’t matter much to me.”
“I don’t see what difference it makes, myself.”
“You did not put together the intelligence you’re holding.”
“And it’s worth nothing to you or Airyaman.”
Fin: “You know what is worth somethin’, though?”
“Not gettin’ fucked.”
Rag Man: “I agree. I tell you what.”
“You can’t reduce my fee in any meaningful way.”
“But ask something else of me.”
“Two-for-one. For the inconvenience.”

Fin considers a moment, then nods a few times.
Fin: “Better, just… before I agree. The… whatever… that did the intercepting…”
“This something that a single person can reasonably deal with? I mean, it ain’t being held by like… a pack of fuckin’ werewolves or some shit?”
Rag Man: “Something you could deal with, probably. The trouble is utterly human.”

Fin nods again.
Rag Man: “But I lack some of your… utilities.”
Fin: “Aight. Deal.”
Rag Man: He nods, holding a hand out. It’s gloved, you think at a first glance—
Then you realize it isn’t.
His skin’s just….
leathery, dry.
Nearly black.

Fin continues to get the laptop out of her bag. She then looks down at the man’s hand, considers a moment, and then hands it over all the same.
Rag Man: “Your parcel was being delivered to me on a truck from St. Louis, through a chain of custody I won’t bore you with.”
“It was seized by the local police on suspicion of drugs, but they didn’t keep it.”
“Somehow the truck wound up in a Cheiron Group parking garage.”
“The Pharmaceutical company. Do you know it?”
Fin: Do I know Cheiron Group?
Rag Man: Probably in the same way you know Bayer
or Johnson & Johnson
they’re in that league
Fin: But nothing occult about it?
Rag Man: not that you know of, no.
Fin: “Yeah… I heard of ’em.”
“Sometimes drug companies do testing for police stations, especially if it’s counterfeit shit.”

Fin speaks with the knowledge of someone who’s slung counterfeit drugs…
Rag Man: “Yes, I thought that was possible, too.”
“Except the chain of custody was broken at the scene.”
“There’s nothing in their computers about the truck.”
Fin: “… Nothing in Cheiron’s records?”
Rag Man: “No, I can’t get into Cheiron’s database.”
“The city police.”
“They have no record of the stop.”
Fin: “Oh… Well. Shit.”
Rag Man: “But that’s where my interest in the matter ends, at present.”
“There were several shipments onboard that truck, not just yours.”
“But none of them worth dealing with that kind of private security.”
“Or the accordant cameras.”
Fin: “So… you looking to buy back the rest of those shipments?”
Rag Man: “I’d be willing.”

Fin gives a nod.
Fin: “Aight. So… you got an address? You got any other information?”
Rag Man: “Their skyscraper in Oldtown.”
“I can offer you something that struck my interest.”
“And ended my attermpts to reclaim it on my own.”
“There are no spirits in their building.”
“No activity in Twilight whatsoever.”

Fin squints.
Fin: “So… utterly human.”
Rag Man: “It’s a human corporation with human security and human technology guarding the building.”
“I didn’t say there were no complications.”
“You look like a woman who understands the meaning of a hustle, Fin.”
“And I did offer you something else.”
Fin: “Yeah, yeah…”
Trying to recall what Fin is currently working on…
Rag Man: well, there’s the shit that Israfil’s been doing
Fin: What did you tell me in discord… Piccolo reported something…
Rag Man: which apparently had all kinda spiritual reverberations, but you haven’t fucked w2ith that hook in months
ah yes
that new banisher cabal operating around the Pullman district.
Fin: Banishers
“Now, about this other thing…”
“I got word of a new group of Willworkers… on the Southside. Pullman? And they been taking a rather… unfriendly stance… to the rest of us.”
“You got anything on them? Or can get me anything?”
Rag Man: “I’ve heard about some unusual murders.”
“I can look into it.”
Fin: “Appreciated.”
Rag Man: “You bring back the rest of my shipments.”
“And I’ll give you a full workup.”

Fin nods a few times.
Fin: “See if I make it back alive, yeah?”
Rag Man: “That is implied.”
Fin: “Aight, I’ll get out of your creepy-as-fuck old hospital-…”
“Though, I gotta ask. The gas mask. Necessary, or just helps the creepy-as-fuck image?”
Rag Man: “I find it sets my clients at ease.”
He reaches up, unhooking one of the straps.
ANd pulls it free for a moment.
His face is as leathery as his hands.
And his eyes… aren’t.
Just two empty holes.
Rag Man: You see utter darkness within them.
Like looking into space.
Fin: “… Well. Yeah. The gas mask… makes sense.”
Rag Man: He sets it back into place.
“So I have been told.”
Fin: “Well. Anything else before I fuck off?”
Oh, so… in mage sight… does he have a living mind? Or dead? Or neither?
Rag Man: You have no idea, Fin. His whole body is a mystery to you. It just feels wrong.
Like trying to pick up digital signal on analog cables.
It doesn’t belong here.
Fin: Certainly not dead though… vampire dead.
Rag Man: No.
Something Else.
“No, I’m content to be alone.”
Fin: “Aight. Nice meetin’ you.”
I’ll colocate down to the first floor. Imagine I can see it here, with my 360 vision
Rag Man: Yeah, no trouble at all, that.

Fin just stops being up in that pool. She’ll snap down to the first floor, then walk on out.
Jessica (GM): So that was different.
You feel better almost immediately as you leave the place.
Though the image of that face is still fresh in your mind.
Fin: Were there any like… death spirits?
Or does the “haunted” seem to be coming from him?
Jessica (GM): Weird thing you didn’t really notice over the unease—
There were spirits in that building, some of them malignant
But they were all dormant, around him.
Like they were sleeping.
Fin: Good lullaby
Jessica (GM): More things in heaven and earth.
Fin: Aight!
Jessica (GM): Sooo. Now what
Fin: If unhindered…
I’ll just hop on the red line. Old town is on the way.
Jessica (GM): Now you got…
The company that makes aspirin to deal with. You guess.
Life is weird.
May as well check your PIccolo texts on the way
he sends you briefs on shit at the athenaeum in the evening
Jessica (GM): Dunno if you actually asked him to but whatev
Fin: I imagine it’s 50% memes.
25% are prob no bad, so, ya know. Not going to tell him to stop.
Piccolo: ‘Tonight: One does not simply walk into the restricted section. Oh shit. One of the new apprentices wandered down into Tezcatlipoca’s private wing and apparently nearly caused the apocalypse or something?
‘Some real Magician’s Apprentice shit. It’s all okay though, Tez got to her before the monster got loose’
Fin: Txt: Just checking in… Tez need backup?
Piccolo: ‘Nah it’s dealt with. That apprentice is going to be doing shit work for a year though.’
‘’Also still don’t know what your cabal’s name is but the annual College meeting is in two weeks, all the cabals have reps there.‘’
’Is your hearthmaster still that fairy chick
“college meeting” you should remember from last year, before you had a cabal
all the cabals in Chicago get together to meet with the Council and make petitions/establish policy changes for the year
Fin: This a mysterium thing?
Piccolo: It’s a Celestial Court of Chicago thing
Fin: kk
Piccolo: kinda mage congress
except you have one three day weekend once a year
instead of whatever real congress does
Fin: Txt: I am potentially cabal shopping.
Piccolo: ‘You wanna join the Z Fighters? I haven’t gotten it off the ground yet but you’d be a gr8 fit’
Fin: Txt: In what fucking way would I be a great fit?
Piccolo: ’You’re really strong, which is kind of our deal. going to be our deal
Fin: Txt: Being strong is going to be your deal? Is there a group that’s not about being strong??
Piccolo: The point is to be the best at it though
I guess you’re saying no though
Fin: Txt: Like no one ever was?
Txt: Is catching them your real test?
Piccolo: Well Hip Flask is still recruiting, rumor is that their old master is prob gonna die soon
He’s like a million years old
Fin: Txt: Oh come on nothing for knowing the pokemon song? You fucking suck man
Txt: And yeah. He’s real old. Cool cat tho.
Piccolo: you were making fun of me
Fin: Txt: While showing an interest in the things you love! That’s what friends do right?
Piccolo: There’s Ghost and the Darkness too
Hear they’ve been looking for a mastigos specific but they’re kind of elite
Fin: Txt: Not sure you noticed but I’m kind of elite.
Txt: Speaking of, you heard shit about Cheiron Group doing weird shit?
Piccolo: Oh yeah I heard that they had that drug Vioxx pulled off the market because it was causing heart attacks
That was like last year tho
Fin: txt: Naw weird shit like weird shit
Piccolo: Nobody in trouble though you know how it is with $$$
Oh nah I dunno, what kind of weird shit would some big company be up to outside the usual shit
Buying politicians and shit
Fin: txt: Yeah. I figure each company got to have a cadre of weirdos working for them, right?
Piccolo: I mean maybe but not mages
All the big business shithead mages work for Walsh
Fin: Txt: Anyways. Going to follow a lead at their office building. Avenge my death if I don’t return.
Piccolo: Ok good luck
oh wait btw
Tez said you have to come to the next curator meeting this Wednesday
Fin: txt: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
Piccolo: Everyone’s gonna be there but Ogun no one knows where that guy is
Fin: txt: Probably got himself dead huh?
txt: I’ll be there.
Piccolo: ok
Fin: Alright… Red line down to old town.
I’ll redo my same spells, if they’re not still up.
Uh… not the spirit one
Piccolo: Sounds good.
Fin: cause… why bother?
If there are no spirits.
But I will add incognito presence to the mix
rolling {9d10!>10}>8
= 5 Successes
And yay it doesn’t cost mana
Jessica (GM): wahoo
Incognito presence always makes a walk through downtown more pleasant.
Fin: Yeah. No one asking me for money
I’m assuming the lobby is open, despite the hour?
Jessica (GM): The Cheiron building in town is here, and the lobby is open despite the hour, from the look.
Their logo’s emblazoned on the side in neon red.
Fin: Alright… hm.
I guess instead of the lobby, look for a loading dock?
Jessica (GM): There’s a parking garage, though it’s gated—
Like, with a fence on the way in and an automated card reader outside.
Fin: Sure, sure
Okay! Into the lobby.
Jessica (GM): Security cameras all over, too, YOu know how to look out for those.
Fin: Missin’ my machine invisibility right now :(
Jessica (GM): I’ll bet.
Fin: afk just a minute…
Jessica (GM): The lobby’s mostly empty at this time of the evening, but there’s still two people at the front desk, one taking a call.
And businessmen hurrying past in both directions, waiting for the elevators.
Fin: Ok
I’ll head right to the elevators.
Imagine that if there’s a gate it’s not a real physical gate. More just one of those “stop and swipe here”… and I’ll walk around.
Jessica (GM): Correct.
On all counts.
Fin: Eh, nix that…
Got ahead of myself.
FIRST… is the spirit stuff true?
Jessica (GM): Yes.
Extremely true.
You have no sense of any magic that should be making that the case.
Fin: Alright.
Next… does anyone seem to notice me as I walk in?
Jessica (GM): No.
Fin: Okay. Now walk around and over to the elevator.
Planning to just follow someone in.
Jessica (GM): That’s doable— elderly businessman heading into one of the elevators right now.
Swiping a keycard to sum mon it, even.
Fin: Alright…

Fin steps inside, minding her own business.

Fin reaches out and hits the ‘garage’ button.
Jessica (GM): The elevator heads up first, going to whatever destination this man is bound for.
The elevator then comes to a… rather abrupt stop.
A voice comes in over a speaker in the upper right corner, by a security camera.
‘Foreign material scan’s coming back negative, Bob. You have contraband on you?’
The man looks up at the camera, blinking.
“I… what? Of course not! Check your scan, must be a false positive.”
Jessica (GM): A pause.

Fin waits patiently…
Jessica (GM): “…Yeah, I’m afraid not, Bob. Sorry about this. Your insurance will clear, though, no worries on that.”
Fin: “… insurance…?”
Jessica (GM): Gas begins hissing into the elevator car through air ducts.
‘Bob,’ for his part, takes this opportunity to freak out and pound on the doors.
Fin: “What the fuck…”

Fin steps forward, through the door.
Fin: rolling {9d10!>10}>8
= 3 Successes
Jessica (GM): Good call.
As you step through you see Bob clutching at his throat.
You hear him scream, muffled, as you step out into a non-descript hallway.
Fin: “What the actual fuck…”
What floor am I on?
Jessica (GM): Looks like the… eighth, ninth, maybe?
You got caught quick, he was going to the 23rd.

Fin starts walk down the hallway, muttering to herself… fucking bullshit…
Jessica (GM): As you come to the end of the hallway, you will find a heavy door with a card reader blocking further progress.
Fin: Any signs? Indication what’s past the door?
Jessica (GM): None.
Fin: Okay, using my everywhere vision… what’s past the door?
Jessica (GM): Looks like some kind of clean room. Medical equipment.
Beds, some further doors in a row along one wall.

Fin considers a moment, then shrugs, and steps right on through that door.
Jessica (GM): You hear a tiny, almost imperceptible click as you pass through the doorway.
But then you’re in the room.

Fin narrows her eyes, looking this way and that…
Jessica (GM): Looks like the row of doors is to something like hospital rooms, maybe? They’re also keycard locked, but there’s windows on the doors.
Letting you guess doctors out here look in.
Fin: My connection to space doesn’t seem at all affected? Can still port outta here, best I can tell?
Jessica (GM): Yeah.

Fin starts looking into the rooms.
Jessica (GM): There is a man in one of the rooms with harnesses strapping him down to the bed. You barely recognize him as a man, honestly— he looks like a corpse.
But there are tubes hooked up to his arms.
Running into a large medical bag on a hook that looks to be… filling with blood.
That is not a human.
That is a vampire.

Fin pulls out her phone… clicks a picture.
Fin: “Sorry, my man.”
Jessica (GM): Your phone starts ringing.

Fin almost startles, then checks the display?

Fin shrugs, hits the button.
Fin: “Sup”
Jessica (GM): “Hey.” Texan accent, if you had to guess. Older man.
“What are you?”
Fin: “What… am I.”
“Like, what’s my sign?”
Jessica (GM): “You ain’t human.”
Fin: “Well that’s fuckin’ rude.”

Fin turns and continues down the hall.
Jessica (GM): “So’s walking through walls.”
“Wouldn’t go that way.”
Fin: “Well, I mean, not really…”

Fin pauses her steps.
Fin: “Only walking through walls cause some dickheads decided to try to gas me.”
Jessica (GM): “Standard protocol. If anybody should be apologizing, it’s you, to Bob’s family.”
“Cost those kids their daddy so you could, what. Poke around?”
Fin: “I was trying to get to the parking garage.”
Jessica (GM): “Well, you’re definitely going the wrong way for that.”
Fin: “Well I didn’t want to get back in the fuckin’ elevator!”
Jessica (GM): “You’ve got a pulse. You’re not a vamper.”
Fin: “Right? Thank fuckin’ god for that.”

Fin starts peeping into other rooms along the way.
Jessica (GM): “Probably not one of those others, either.”
“Are you… heyyy.”
“Are you a magician?”
Fin: “That’s right. Just like the TV show.”
Jessica (GM): “Yeah, I don’t get that channel.”
Fin: “Really? It’s a good show. But maybe you too old…”
What’s on the floor directly beneath me?
Jessica (GM): “I like horror movies, mostly, myself.”
“You ever seen Mimic?”
Looks like normal office space without half the security shit that’s on this floor.
Fin: “I don’t… think so…”
I’ll drop down a floor… right through the floor.
Jessica (GM): “Well, I dunno if you’d like it— hey— hah! How about that.”
“I’d love to see how that works.”
Fin: “Y’all never heard of a ghost before?”
Jessica (GM): “You kinda screwed up the timing on my punchline, there.”
“Still, they’re persistent.”
“Might wanna watch out.
A swarm of bugs crawls out through the ventilation near you.
Taking wing right at you.
Fin: And I’ll drop another floor!
Jessica (GM): And now I’d like initiative, as you drop into office cube space, and, as you do, you hear voices
Fin: rolling 1d10+5
= 11
Jessica (GM): rolling 1d10
= 13
One of them will get a shot off at you before you can react— you hear the report of the rifle.
What’s your defense?
Fin: Jusss a sec
Will spend a mana for space armor
So it’ll be 10 def against firearms
Jessica (GM): rolling {1d10!>10}>8
= 0 Successes
not chance
A dart THUNKS into a cube wall adjacent to your head.
You’re up.
Fin: “Oh, are you fuckin’…”
Jessica (GM): The man who took the shot is already behind cover, using the walls in here.
He’s not alone, you don’t think.
Fin: Well I should be able to see past his cover
Jessica (GM): True!
And the others.
There’s six of them.
Kevlar vests, helmets.
Rifles, all of them loaded up with darts.
Fin: Okay, does it look like I can duck behind something long enough to be safe for a round? Like… If I just dip into a cube behind a desk, should be okay for 3 seconds?
Jessica (GM): Assuming they don’t have something they could lob at you LIke tear gas or something.
You can get in a position they can’t shoot from.
Fin: Okay. I’ll be moving into position. And then need a second to do mage math…
I’m going to attempt to locate the man on the phone.
Should just need to increase my spell by 1 factor. So, 2
And I got my phone to use as a tool, how ’bout that
rolling {8d10!>10}>8
= 4 Successes
Jessica (GM): You try to reach out, tracing sympathies.
Following the signal back and up, into the air
- out of the building.
Pinging off a satellite.
And back down…
To somewhere in Germany.
Fin: But I can locate him?
Jessica (GM): Yeah.
Fin: Nice. Okay. That’s the round!

Fin ducks into a cube and finds a desk to put between her and the guys with the guns.
Fin: “Stop shooting! I’ll give up!”

Fin shouts Fin, as she replaces space to find this jerk.
Jessica (GM): They will continue shooting, laying down suppressive fire on your position.
You’ll take negatives to any attack and a shot if you move
Fin: Sure.
Jessica (GM): and then you’re back up, though you can hear them moving.
Trying to surround you.
Fin: I’m going to co-locate to this guy.
Jessica (GM): One moment.
Fin: Haha
Jessica (GM): You find yourself in a smokey, windowless office. One wall is flooded with monitor light.
A middle-aged man is sitting at a desk with a bluetooth headset on.
Fin: “What the fuck man?!”
Mr. Avery: “Now, see, that’s impressive.”
Fin: “You know, I was just trying to find my fucking way around a building…”
Mr. Avery: He stands up— he’s broadly-shouldered, in good shape in a way that’s obvious even in a business suit.
Fin: Anyone else in the room?
Mr. Avery: No.
“You tripped a lot of security measures popping in here like that, though.”
“Little bit headstrong.”
Fin: “Well I was trying to have a conversation with you.”
“But was that a swarm of fuckin’ mutant locusts?”
Mr. Avery: “We were gonna have a conversation. Not like anybody was trying to kill you.”
Fin: “Nobody shoots at me, aight?”
Mr. Avery: “Those little fellas?”
Fin: “I don’t enjoy it.”
Mr. Avery: “Fair enough.”
Fin: “Now, am I going to have to keep dealing with your shit all fuckin’ night? Or can we just have a conversation so I can get on with my day.”
Mr. Avery: He holds out his hand.
“I’ll shake on that. We’ll have a straight talk.”
“Person to person.”
Fin: “I don’t get shot. I don’t shake. Sorry.”
Mr. Avery: He shrugs, after a moment.
“If you want to play it that way.”
Fin: “So… you legit? Can we actually talk?”
Mr. Avery: “Hard to trust someone like that, especially seeing as we’re the aggrieved party here.”
Fin: “Now, see, that’s where this whole problem starts…”
Mr. Avery: “Now, I know, I get it.”
“You’re a mage, probably forgot all about those human rules from your old life.”
“But breaking and entering is still a thing.”
Fin: “Just… hold up a sec.”
“You actually want to talk to me? Or you just buying time?”
And I’ll just read his mind on that one.
Mr. Avery: “I don’t need to buy time. You’re not scaring me.”
Fin: Or, ya know. Attempt to.
Mr. Avery: Roll that at a -7 dice.
Surprisingly difficult.
Like, incredibly.
Fin: rolling {5d10!>10}>8
= 1 Successes
That’s Mental Scan.
Surface thoughts. And I can just keep it active.
Mr. Avery: You get an image of a boat on a clear pond.
A fishing trip.
It just… stays there in his surface thoughts.
You catch brief glimpses of his words, right as he’s saying them.
But that’s about it.
Fin: Oh, I guess… He’s not showing anything supernal?
Mr. Avery: Nope.
Something’s weird about him, obviously, though
But his aura reads human.
“Seems like we should at least make introductions.”
Fin: “Yeah, probably shoulda been what you did the first place…”
“Name’s Fin.”
Mr. Avery: “Sure it is.”
“Mine’s Joseph Avery. I’m head of security for our U.S. Branch.”
Fin: “Nice to meet you, Joe.”
Mr. Avery: “Lucky we ran into each other, I was about to clock out for the night.”

Fin takes a step back, to lean against a desk.
Fin: “Guy who takes next shift not so nice?”
Mr. Avery: “Huh? Oh, no, I wasn’t going in that direction with it at all.”
“We all pretty well stick to the playbook here.”
Fin: “That’s good… I guess.”
“So, Joe, here’s my problem.”
“Y’all stole from me.”
“So I wanted to go take a look around and see who was stealing from me.”
Mr. Avery: “Well, that sounds clumsy of us. What’d we steal?”
Fin: “A truck. Was runnin’ up from St. Louis. Got stopped outside of the city limits, best I can tell. Cops, doin’ usual drug checkin’ shit…”
“Only… there’s no record of the cops ever stopping this truck.”
Mr. Avery: “…Eh…” He steps over to his desk, typing a few things in on his computer.
“Oh, is that it? You break into our building over this small ball, pardon my french, bullshit?”
Fin: “Well, okay, so, first off… I didn’t break into shit. I walked in.”
“And second. Honestly, I was kinda bored.”
Mr. Avery: “You bypassed three separate card readers and stepped around a security gate on your way in.”
“I admit you didn’t destroy any of it on your way through, but that’s still the legal term.”
“Not to mention the dead employee.”
Fin: “It strikes me as fuckin’ strange that y’all would like to pretend to be the… legally operating group here.”
Mr. Avery: “That’s pretty well all on you.”

Fin snorts, and rolls her eyes.
Mr. Avery: “Hey, the law’s important.”
“Keeps society in one piece.”
“Keeps you in designer blue jeans and fast food.”
Fin: “Let me guess… vampires… don’t have rights? So, no laws broken?”
Mr. Avery: “What, you begging to differ on that?”
Fin: “… Not really.”
Mr. Avery: He nods.
Fin: “Sooo… here’s what I’d like to happen.”
“I got no interest in y’all’s bullshit.”
“I want my item. And I want y’all to just… pretend you never saw me.”
Mr. Avery: He takes a seat in his chair— it’s leather, of course, high-backed.
“Now, if it’s just me talking to just you, that sounds fine with me.”
“I could care less what was in that truck, and the acquisition team made a sloppy run of it if they didn’t catch you catching them, frankly.”
“Playbook says that you’re too interesting not to study, though, so I have a counterproposal for you, if you’ve got your ears on.”
Fin: I’m going to bubble us. Nice and spacious but… just wrap us two up. Should also block all signals and etc.
Mr. Avery: “You ever heard of those cyanide capsules in the teeth they’d give to KGB agents, back during the cold war?”
Fin: rolling {9d10!>10}>8
= 8 Successes
My dice tonight.
Mr. Avery: Nicely done.

Fin waves a hand, and suddenly everything is… well. Weird. Like they’re stuck in a ubble.
Fin: “I’m familiar, sure…”
Mr. Avery: He doesn’t look too bothered one way or another.
“Sure, sure.”
“Well, I’ve got something a little like that, in the front tooth.”
“Not cyanide, though.”
“More like a uh… pretty nasty little explosive. Should clear forty feet, from what I’ve heard.”

Fin squints at the man.
Mr. Avery: “Now, I’m not really looking to blow myself up, but policy is that we either take you in or you make a run for it.”
“We don’t really negotiate.”
“And I know you can teleport, or what have you, pretty well anywhere you want from the look of it.”
“But I’m wondering if you can do it faster than I can bite down.”
Fin: “Woah, woah, woah…”
“You would honest to god blow yourself up… rather than break protocol?”
Mr. Avery: “We take our jobs seriously here, Miss Fin.”
“Mrs. Fin? I don’t mean to prejudge you.”
Fin: “No fuckin’ shit… that’s intense…”

Fin shakes her head.
Fin: “Just Fin.”
Mr. Avery: “So, I figure you have three options here, realistically.”
“You can run like hell and hope we don’t cross paths again.”
“You can lay down and give me a big win, here, turn yourself in.”
“Or we can roll the dice on that tooth.”
Fin: “And you yourself, you’re… resolve is steel? I can’t just give you a wish and that’s that?”
Mr. Avery: “I answer to the board of directors, ma’am.”
“And our compensation package is very lucrative.”
Fin: “You are easily the most interesting man I’ve ever met.”
Mr. Avery: “Well, I’ll take that as a compliment.”
“Kinda leaving me in suspense here, though.”
“If you’re not going to kill us I don’t mind telling you I’ve got a briscuit waiting for me at home.”
“And I’d like to get to it if I’m still in one piece.”
Fin: biscuit brisket.
It’s a southern thing
“Aight, Avery…”
“Can I show you somethin’ first, though?”
Mr. Avery: “Why not.”

Fin holds up her hands.
Fin: “Reaching into my backpack.”
Make that jacket*
“reaching into my jacket”
“Going to get out a pair of reading glasses, ok?”
Mr. Avery: “Fine by me.”

Fin does just that, slowly reaching into her jacket, to the front pocket. Then she takes out a pair of glasses.
Fin: “Put these on,” she says, as she hands them over.
Mr. Avery: He eyes them for a moment, then shrugs and puts them on.
“…Well, I’ll be.”
Fin: They are, of course, the mage sight glasses.
Mr. Avery: Yeah.
Fin: “There ya go. Something for your trouble. Lil mind-breaking fuckin’ treat.”
Mr. Avery: He doesn’t look as thrown as you might have expected— more intrigued.
“Didn’t think there were deeper levels to go, still.”
“And this is a lot less intrusive…” He mutters.
Fin: “Everything is a lie… That’s the truth.”

Fin gives a laugh…
Fin: And then Fin will teleport out! With the glasses, ofc.
Mr. Avery: Of course.
Jessica (GM): where you teleporting to?
Fin: I’ll jump first to England… out side that town. Far enough that it shouldn’t set off their radars
Jessica (GM): gotcha.
Fin: Then break my phone
I mean, bend it enough that I can pull the battery out. Cause ofc it’s an iphone
Jessica (GM): Yeah.
Fin: and the battery doesn’t just come out
Note to self, no more iphones.
Then finally back to the south side.
Jessica (GM): Note to self: tell Airy to find another supply of mummy dust
that shipment’s gonna be late
Fin: Well, I can keep going! It’s only 9:50!
Jessica (GM): happy to!
what’s the plan from here because, uh.
Don’t know what you were expecting that to go like
But I bet it wasn’t this.
Fin: No, that was bad XD

Fin stands in the backyard of the house that used to be her best friend’s, way back when…

Fin then flicks up her hood and heads down the alley, down to a gas station.
Fin: “Yo… need a burner.”

Fin will actually pay for that in cash.
Jessica (GM): “Twelve-fifty.”
The clerk doesn’t much care.
Fin: “Peace.”

Fin turns and starts walking back through the dark.
Fin: Txt to Airy: It’s Fin. Your shipment is going to be late. Some very strange complications came up.
Not sure if old man is actually awake but ya know.
Rose: ‘Hey, fin, it’s Rose. Airy never reads his texts, doesn’t believe in them. Saw your note, though. Everything okay?’
Fin: Txt: You ever seen that flick Cabin in the Woods?
Txt: Or maybe Resident Evil…
Rose: ‘Oh god. What did Airy’s freaky contact do?’
‘Did he hustle you’
Fin: Txt: I would like to think my dumb choice are my own. But yeah. I ran into the company from those movies.
Rose: ’I’m so sorry, I don’t know why he put you on that run, rag man hates new faces’
Fin: Txt: Naw. It was good fun. I learned some new things. Made a new friend.
Txt: Think I’ll need a new face for a little while.
Rose: Oh fuck. Fuck.
He didn’t, did he
Fin: Txt: Didn’t what?
Rose: Did he send you downtown
Fin: Txt: Oh yeah. Nice fancy building.
Rose: Come over.
Fin: Txt: Need to run a few errands first, but I’ll be by in… 30 min?
Rose: Ok. Be careful.
Fin: Txt: Always.
Txt to Piccolo: My man. New phone for the next 24 hours or less. Anyone comes around asking about me? You never heard of me.
Piccolo: Who is this??
Fin: Txt to Piccolo: And it’s nothing as bad as bad as last time.
Txt: I just pissed off… what the fuck was the name from the people in Resident Evil?
Piccolo: You saw Resident Evil??
The games are way better
Fin: Txt: Of course I saw Resident Evil! There’s been like fucking 7 of them!
Piccolo: Have you seen the new one
Fin: Txt: What’s the name of the company!
Piccolo: Oh Umbrella
They aren’t really in the new game though
They kind of went over the top with them in 6
Fin: Txt: Yes. I found them. Got a headquarters in Chicago. And now they’re mad at me.
Piccolo: Well that sounds fucked up
Fin: Txt: You don’t even know. Their security system is a swarm of locusts. Not even kidding.
Piccolo: Did you meet a zombie
Fin: Txt: Can you or anyone there pull images off a broken phone?
Piccolo: I dunno, sounds like Obrimos shit
I’ll ask around
Fin: Txt: Thanks. I’m off to meet someone else. I’ll text you when I get a new phone.
Piccolo: Ok. You still have to come to the meeting wednesday
Fin: Txt: Fuck shit damn I’ll be there!
Alright so…
Going to stop by my GD allies.
Jessica (GM): Ghost Dog
Great Dudes
Fin: To swap out clothes, and let them know if anyone comes asking about me, it’s bad fucking news
So they don’t know me.
Jessica (GM): Ghoulish Details?
I forget what that stands for
Fin: Gangster Disciples
Jessica (GM): oh yeah dang
you haven’t been by there in a long ass time
Fin: I went by every so often!
Jessica (GM): you were dating a white lady who got rich off the internet
you aren’t in the life anymore
Fin: Yeah, well.
They can still get me a change of clothes
Jessica (GM): fair enough
Fin: Then I’ll head out to Crestwood
Jessica (GM): rock on.
Crestwood, predictably, is where you saw it last.

Fin takes a regular cab, like a BUM, and pays with cash. Womp womp.
Jessica (GM): The cabbie is no doubt thankful at your inability to contribute to the collapse of normal employment in this job sector

Fin walks the whatever 4 blocks from where the cab dropped her to the mansion, then goes for the front door.
Rose: Rose opens the front door for you before you can even knock.
“Fin, there you are, thank goodness. Come in.”
Fin: “Sup.”

Fin smiles, and walks on in. Cool as a cucumber!
Fin: (Cause I still got resolve and composure 5)
Rose: She heads on to the sitting room, where Airy is already up and waiting as well.
Fin: “Uh… hey, Airy…”
Airyaman: “I’m really sorry, kid.”
“I shouldn’t have put that job on you.”
“I usually have a solid handle on where things are going to go, and I had a good feeling about this one.”
“But the Rag Man can put a wrench in it, sometimes.”
He rubs his face.
“You got sharked.”
Fin: “Naw… it’s a, uh…”
Airyaman: “Lemme guess. Stolen shipment.”
Fin: “You know. Opportunity to learn.”
Airyaman: “Couldn’t give it to you.”
“This weirdo corporation took it.”
Fin: “That’s right.”
Airyaman: He nods.
“It’s a scam. That corporation seizes assets all the damn time.”
“Not from him, though, and not from us.”
“He didn’t like the look of you, so he, let me guess.”
Fin: “Well. The dude in the security office seemed to believe they pinched the shipment…”
Airyaman: “Took the payment and threw you their way.”
“They’re Hunters, Fin.”
Fin: “yeah, I got that.”
Airyaman: “I’m sure they pinched something.”
“They grab people and materiel up every day.”
Fin: “Looks like.”

Fin finds a place to sit herself down.
Fin: “The dude I talked to… I never seen a human like this before.”
Airyaman: “Cheiron’s been awful news ever since they opened a branch office here.”
Fin: “His mind was… It was like some shit out of a movie.”
“Like he’d been mentally trained to not think”
Airyaman: “Not surprised.”
“Know for a fact they have psychics in that office.”
“Or did ten years ago, anyway.”
Fin: “And… he was ready to suicide, rather than… betray his job.”
Airyaman: “Like I said. Hunters.”
as though that explains his motivation entirely.
Fin: “Never heard of a hunter like this before. But… hardly matters.”
Airyaman: “They can’t all be hillbillies with pickup trucks.”
Fin: “Not sure what I’ma do. Maybe get a new face for a little while. But…”
Airyaman: “This one’s global.”
Fin: “Yeah.”
Rose: “We’re going to do whatever we can to help.”
“It’s our fault this happened.”
Airyaman: “…My fault, Rose. I’m not made of glass.”
“My fault.”
Fin: “Well, you know, I don’t think that’s the case… but if y’all wanna make it your problem, I ain’t complaining.”
Airyaman: “I’m annoyed with myself for not seeing it better.”
Fin: “There was some fucked up shit in there. Their security system is locusts.”
Airyaman: “More than that.”
“They aren’t all human, from what I’ve seen.”
“Not totally human, anyway.”
“Who knows what they get up to in there.”
Fin: “Secrets worth killing over. Obviously.”
Airyaman: “Those of us in town who know about them don’t talk about them, and I’ve got to ask you do the same.”
“For one thing, we don’t want anybody repeating your actions.”
“Thinking ‘how bad could they be’ and go poking around for secrets.”
Fin: “Yeah. I can’t imagine if folks get wind of this they won’t go take a look.”
Airyaman: He nods.
“For another.”
Fin: "Cause I’m sure there’s some mysteries in there.*
Airyaman: “We’re pretty sure they have spies in the Consilium.”
“Mage on payroll, like.”
Fin: “Oh, I can’t imagine they don’t.”
“Probably Walsh would know.”
Airyaman: “Theodore Walsh is remarkably canny at not seeing past the end of his own nose.”
“But he might.”

Fin just gives a shrug, then a slow look around.
Fin: “So… recommendations? I mean… how serious are these people in coming after me?”
Airyaman: “Depends on how seriously they took you.”
“Beyond that, well… it’s all on paper.”
Fin: “I would… say pretty fuckin’ serious.”
Airyaman: He nods.
“Their stock’s trading at $65 a share. They have more money than a Matter master could spin up for you on short notice.”
“They’re also major donors to the local police force, the mayor, and the governor.”
Fin: “Yeah. I mean… I ain’t too worried.”
“Had Seers after me. Had other Cabals. Vampires.”
Airyaman: “Don’t underestimate Sleepers, Fin.”
“I’ve seen a lot of mages come and go in my time.”
“And more than a few that got hung from a tree by some group of hunters who had nothing going for them but a plan.”
“And our Hubris working against us.”
Fin: “Not worrying doesn’t mean I’m taking it easy. I just… don’t have a home. Don’t have a car. Don’t have a regular pattern.”
“Don’t have a bank account… credit cards… change phones all the time.”
“Which is all to say, I been a fuckin’ criminal on the run for a couple years now. Pretty good at it.”
Airyaman: “That’s the first thing they’ll expect of you if they look into you.”
“You want my suggestion? Get boring.”
“Take up Archival.”

Fin groooooans.
Airyaman: “Or something else.”
“Something steady.”
“Act out of character.”
Fin: “Well getting a new face would be out of character.”
Airyaman: “True.”
Fin: “But I see what you’re saying.”
Airyaman: “You’re welcome here, if you can forgive me, at any rate.”
“Least we owe you.”
“Plus we heard that your cabalmate Snow went and joined the Abbatoir.”
“So I’m guessing things aren’t sunny at the bookstore.”
Fin: “Of course, Airy. Ah-… well. There isn’t a book store.”
“But… yeah, that’s about right. Elijah’s gone, too.”
Airyaman: “That’s a shame. Sorry for you.”
“We have a few Guardians here in Hip Flask.”
“Have our disagreements, but we’re in it for the same reasons, more or less.”
Fin: “Never had much of a problem with that… Working with Guardians.”
“I mean, mostly it’s… you know. Object to the idea. In reality, they pretty chill. At least, the ones I dealt with.”
Airyaman: “Well, Andromeda had a bit of a temper.”
“But we always got along at the end of the day.”
“At least when she wanted something.”
Fin: “She was one of the few people I trusted.”
Airyaman: “It’s a small community here, Fin.”
“Now, I hear what you’re saying about disappearing, going off the grid.”
“That’s a good idea, in your sleeper life.”
“But can I make a suggestion, here, talking to Fin the Adept?”
Fin: “Of course.”
Airyaman: “Get involved in the community. There’s only a few hundred of us, here in the city. Chicago’s a big place, but we’re still a small town.”
“Make yourself part of it, and you’ll have more people who can help watch your back.”
Fin: “You mean… in the Consilium?”
Airyaman: “I don’t mean the power brokers.”
“You’ve met Israfil, you know who the Councilors are.”
“I’m talking about the cabals.”
“There’s not that many.”
“A lot of people saw yours fall apart over the last month or so. A lot of us noticed and felt for you.”
“But to be honest, none of us really knew any of you.”
Airyaman: “You never came around.”

Fin gives a laugh.
Fin: “Well fell on a war pretty fast there. So, yeah.”
“Probably got to know mages from The Grands better than you all… I get it.”
Airyaman: “Israfil and his cabal like to throw their weight around.”
“We all know that.”
“We’ve all had to deal with the same kind of nonsense you have.”
“But it’s give and take.”
Fin: “Well, I get it. I mean… I told you. Talking to you been the nicest it’s been for me in… weeks.”
“Definitely been feeling my, uh… solidarity.”
Rose: “Going solitary is for old men with long beards.”
“Or apostates, I guess.”
“We’re still people.”
Fin: “So, is this an invitation? Or just y’all’s advice?”
Airyaman: “Whatever you’d like it to be. I understand if you want to shop around, or meet the rest of the boys.”
“Just saying, in general, even if it’s not us.”
“Get involved with someone.”
“And get to know everyone.”

Fin looks less than pleased with that advice.
Rose: “you’re not an initiate anymore, Fin.”
“Everyone knows of you, at least.”
“Word spread about what happened in the Grands. At least some of it.”
“And your power over your arcana is, well.”
“Noticeable as soon as you walk into a room.”
Fin: “Rose… you see… problem is? Every time I settle somewhere. Every someone we meet… It ends up fucked.”
“Someone’s working for the Seers. Someone’s working to unmake reality. Someone’s up to some shit or some other shit.”
Rose: “Sure. That’s life.”
“That stuff happens even if you cut yourself off, though, Fin.”
“You’re just cutting out the good parts inbetween.”
Fin: “I get what you’re saying, just…”

Fin just sighs, and shakes her head.
Fin: “I’ll think about it. But… I would like to meet the rest of y’all.”
Rose: “I’ll see about getting everybody together, soon.”
“It’s just me and Airy that live here, the rest of them just blow through and get all our glasses dirty.”
Airyaman: “Price of a well-stocked liquor cabinet.”

Fin laughs, and gives a nod.
Fin: “Well, that’s good to know. Cause, I mean… y’all are great. But Crestwood?”
Airyaman: “Neighborhood wasn’t the same in the thirties.”
“No moving it, though, we had this place built stone by stone to take advantage of the ley lines in the area.”
“Geometrically speaking.”
Fin: “Yeah, I figured it wasn’t just cause.”
Airyaman: “Nice spot, anyway. Low taxes.”
Fin: “It ain’t the worst! Just, ya know. Not exactly the best places to eat and all.”

Fin laughs, with that.
Airyaman: “Ehhhh, you’re a mastigos.”
“Had a mastigos in the cabal awhile back who’d bring back authentic Italian.”
“You people don’t get to complain about location.”
Fin: “Mmm… I was just in Germany… I think.”
“Well. I need to do some thinking. And reading. And I got a fucking meeting in two days…”
Airyaman: and let us trail this off from here, with you guys going into friendly, casual conversation

Fin Sessions - Act 4 Session 1
Act 4 Session 1 - Hip Flask

Fin: Fin was going to try to get back to… wherever home is
which I honestly don’t even know where tha tis
Jessica (GM): Well, you’re a mind 4 mastigos, I think the answer is whatever the hell FIn wants
Fin: Yeeeeah
Alright, you wanna uh… free form this here thing? Or you want some actual plan? :P
Jessica (GM): I’m good with whatever, but if you have ideas it may be easier to do something interesting for you, haha
Fin: So. We were all around the south side, more or less, yeah? Near u chicago
Jessica (GM): You went to Northwestern there at the end
which is lakefront, really, yeah?
Fin: Oh, yeah, that’s right downtown… hte hospital, at least.
So, Fin will set eyes on the Waldorf Astoria.
The manager there likes her, and is sure to comp the whole stay…
With a full spa package
Jessica (GM): It will be of no surprise to you that you are exactly right
Fin: Or maybe she still has Claire money.
Jessica (GM): Why spend it, really
Fin: Cause it’s Claire’s :P
Jessica (GM): fair!
what even is money, anymore
Fin: A frustration.
Jessica (GM): an inconvenience, at best, surely
Fin: I give you paper, you give me tacos. Prehistoric, really.
Jessica (GM): could just get a dead debit card and convince cashiers that the card ran
Fin: Truuue
But anyways, yes. Fin will go check in to the hotel, sans gluttony. He’s getting a walk w/ Jhevra.
Just Fin and her favorite person.
Jessica (GM): Kanye’s there?
Fin: Uh?
Jessica (GM): bad joke
Fin: Oh
Second favorite person.
Jessica (GM): Guess you can get some sleep, or not, the hotel is pretty nice.
Fin: Fin.
Fin’s favorite person is Fin.
Jessica (GM): as you might suspect.
Fin: So, will go get some spa treatment. Then sleep, yes. Proper sleep! A full 4 hours.
Spa first cause she’s super dirty and cold
Jessica (GM): Nothing like a 5 am spa treatment
Fin: It’s a fancy hotel. I’m sure they’re open!
For Kanye-types.
Jessica (GM): Yeah.
Fin: And if that goes off without a hitch…
Will need to pick up some mana
I think I tapped my supply at both the restaurant and at the mysterium
Jessica (GM): It goes off no problem, lemme know when you get to the sleep.
Fin: Oh, right, sorry
Jessica (GM): Were you still interested in the Robe and all this Unthroned Queen stuff? You asked about the robe the other night.
Dethroned Queen, rather
Fin: Okay, spa treatment! That’ll be a few hours. Then call to make an appointment for a personal shopper to come up, after nap time.
Then I’ll take a full 4 hours of sleep.
After that, mana.
Jessica (GM): Excellent, excellent.
Fin: So, you want me to keep going or you got something going on between then?
Jessica (GM): Nah, just asking questions and seeing where you roll, will pick up when I see a hook that looks promising
Fin: Okay. So…
After wake up…
Jessica (GM): brb, need to use the restroom, feel free to continue until you need feedback
Fin: kk
was just writing down my WP.
So, after waking back up, I’ll get my new clothes and get on with finding mana again. I don’t really know what my options are.
Jessica (GM): back.
There are hallows all over Chicago, trick is usually to find one that’s not already tapped or claimed.
Or you can do your oblations.
Don’t need a hallow for those anymore.
Fin: Right. So, oblations takes a while. Think I’d rather try to find a hallow
Jessica (GM): Fair.
Fin: I mean, I’m real low
Jessica (GM): Well you know there’s one in that thai restaurant that used to be Eli’s home.
Fin: Right, I used that one
Jessica (GM): along with the entrance to your library.
Right, right
Fin: I used up my stipend at the Mysterium, and drained the restaurant
Jessica (GM): Yeah.
Fin: So…
Jessica (GM): There’s a few cabals in town you’ve heard of that offer their hallows out for small favors and such.
Fin: Call Piccolo, ask if he knows a place?
Jessica (GM): Would you like to hear about those?
Fin: Yeah
Jessica (GM): Rich old cabals with demesnes, mostly, mana’s less a premium for them.
Fin: Right
Jessica (GM): There’s the Abbatoir, which is this high-end dance club in Old Town— and also the name of said mixed-order Cabal.
You don’t really know them, because, well
old town.
Fin: Yeeeah
Jessica (GM): But you’ve heard their hollow is considered “on tap” like the drinks
there’s also U.S. Cellular Park, which you understand sounded much more mystical before they changed the name in 2003
It’s baseball season, you could possibly sneak some mana off there for the cost of a ticket
though downside is you’re probably not the only mage in the city ever to have that idea
Fin: Yeah pass on that
Jessica (GM): There’s always the Walsh Industries Cabal
which has a demesne and hollow on the top ten floors of the Edwards-Hagen Building
Though you’d probably have to deal with Theodore J. Walsh, the cabal leader and probably the richest mage in the city
if you care about that sort of thing
which most mages don’t
Fin: Silver Ladder?
Jessica (GM): Oh yeah.
Fin: what else we got? Any that seem more compelled by strange? The sort that might like to hear some stories about fighting gods?
Jessica (GM): Other “public” hallows include, let’s see
Field Museum of Natural History might line up?
you haven’t been there since the Egypt nonsense >>
Fin: I meant, cabals
that own hallows that might share/sell
Jessica (GM): Right, let’s see
Man, this was easier back when you could just draw mana from the leyline on the chicago river
but it hasn’t been right since they reversed the flow
Let’s see, got another hoighty-toighty cabal that fits the bill
and one that’s more down to earth
what’s your poison
Jessica (GM): different flavor of high brow that the preceding, admittedly
Fin: Down to earth. Don’t think Fin ever adapted well to hoighty-toighty
Jessica (GM): Cassandra’s Visions Bookstore, over near downtown, is more down to earth, though it’s a Guardians of the Veil cabal.
They own a lot of occulty bookstores around town.
Fin: Sounds familiar!
Jessica (GM): and more highbrow but maybe also familiar ground is a cabal who you’ve vaguely met one of the members of through meetings at the Mysterium
Fin: what are they about?
Jessica (GM): Northhall Manor, up past Highland, is the home of the Hip Flask cabal.
and also kind of a museum of mystical curios
well, private gallery, really.
Fin: Oh, yeah, let’s go there.
I’m assuming hip flask is a pun, and they’re hipsters. Hipsters like nothing more than black folk showing up to hang with them.
Jessica (GM): sorry, misspoke on direction—
they’re over in Chicago Ridge
so, think more old democrats >>
Fin: Chicago Ridge?
Jessica (GM): Near Oak Lawn, looks like
Fin: Place is a shit hole!
But sure, we can go there
Jessica (GM): Well, Uber it up.
You’ll find a fairly nice three story mansion, if somewhat older.
Fin: time?
Jessica (GM): Eh, 10 amish?
maybe closer to noon.
You did get some sleep.
Rain’s finally slowing off.
Mostly just cloudy today.
Fin: Should be more like afternoon?
Jessica (GM): Fair.
Fin: Couple hours at the spa, 4 hours of sleep, then a fitting and some clothes putting on.
I mean, nbd
Jessica (GM): fair
early afternoon, then
the weather remains as noted
Fin: Alright

Fin slips out of the car and gives a quick look around the building.
Jessica (GM): You’ve heard the leader is super old time Mysterium and is supposed to be a big deal. Never met him, though.
Fin: Anything obvious to keep me from walking up to the front door, magic or otherwise?
Jessica (GM): There’s clear wards all over the building— you can feel the resonance on those the moment you hit the driveway.
But they don’t seem immediately dangerous.
Defensive in nature.
Fin: Right, okay

Fin gives a look around, then proceeds on up to the front door. Stops there and hits the doorbell.
Rose: There’s a short delay before a woman opens the door with car keys in her hand. “Er, hi, can I help you? I was just on my way out.”
You’d place her around 40.
Fin: Does she look magical?
Rose: You can catch the scent of her nimbus, though ytou don’t see an obvious spell in place—
like rosemary and bourbon.
Fin: “Yeah, uh… hey. Real sorry for the, uh… unsolicited visitin’ and shit. But I had a shit-ass last few days and was looking for some uh… you know. Fam, that could help me out.”
Rose: She tilts her head, frowning. “…Oh, you’re uh…”
She snaps her fingers.
“Vin, from the Mysterium, right?”
Fin: “Fin… yeah, that’s me.”
Rose: “Right, Fin! Sorry. We met once, looking for books in the same stack.”
“You doing alright?”
Fin: “Oh, oh, right, yeah. Sorry uh… your name?”
Rose: “Rose.”
“You’d probably know Protagoras better, he sits in with the Curator on those monthly meetings.”
“He’s out, though.”
Fin: “Rose. Aight. Yeah, so… I had the most… whack fuckin’ 24 hours… And, yeah, was stopping by to see the ol’ man…”
“But, you know. Won’t waste your time. Looking for someone who doesn’t mind me sitting in their hallow for a bit. Either begging or, ya know… can pay.”
Rose: “Well, Airy’s here. Have you met Airy yet?”
Fin: “Mighta. Not going to lie, my work in the Mysterium went from… barely fuckin’ paying attention to…”

Fin gestures.
Fin: Fin’s a curator now…?
Rose: "Anyway, come in, of course. I’m sure he can help you. I’m really sorry to be a bad host but I have to run, Webber’s having a, to quote his text, “Goetic problem” over on the west side. You know how it is."
Nah, but you’re on the board, or whatever
Well, I mean, yes, you are
though Tez is the ranking curator who does most of the mundane day to day work
So people still call him “The Curator”
you could seize that title if you’d care to spend a lot more time curating >>
Fin: yeeeah
“Awesome. Thank you.”
Fin is, ya know, in a real good mood.
Cause spa + sleep
Rose: She nods, brushing past you on the way out. “No problem. Sorry again!”
She fairly jogs to her car.
Fin: “Take care! Uh… call if you need help with that shit! Been there once…”
Rose: Inside, you find yourself face to face with a massive grandfather clock in the entry hall.
Resonance in the room vibrates with every tick.
It’s imbued with… some kind of magic.
You’re not sure what.

Fin leans in real close to stare at it.
Fin: “Why’s it always gotta be clocks…”
Jessica (GM): You hear a man calling from behind a door to your left. “Come on in to the parlor! Just hang your jacket if you’ve got one, there’s a hook by the door.”

Fin takes a look around, for the hook, then leaves her jacket behind and follows the voice.
Fin: “Sup… Airy?”
Airyaman: A very old man looks up at you from a wheelchair in a well-appointed sitting room. Most of this stuff looks old world, but there’s a macbook air open on a victorian desk, which he’s sitting near.
“Afternoon. Airyaman. You can sit if you like.”
Fin: “Fin. Nice to meet you. Sorry to drop by all unannounced and shit… you hear anything I said to Rose?”

Fin certainly walks right over and finds a spot to lounge.
Airyaman: “Ah, it’s not polite to eavesdrop, so let’s pretend I didn’t.”
you can give me a uh
int+occult roll if you like, btw
Something about the name feels familiar to you.
Fin: rolling {3d10!>10}>8
= 1 Successes
Airyaman: Airyaman is one of the names on a very short list of Masters that Chicago has seen in its Consilium.
You had no idea he was still alive, really.
Fin: “I feel that… uh. Long story short? I had one long fucked up day. And I’m seeing if I can’t beg a little time in someone’s hallow.”
“And I don’t think I ever been out this way, so figure… you know. Some real fuckin’ mundane sight seeing. Compared to the other kind I been doing.”
Airyaman: “Feeling salty about it, too, from the sound of things.”
“Can’t say as I blame you, fire spirits are unpleasant business.”
Fin: “… Yeah. I mean… the water spirit was a dick, too.”
Airyaman: “Well, that’s spirits for you.”
Fin: “Exactly.”
Airyaman: “Young mages forget they’re not people, get all out of sorts when they’re irrational.”
“But they’re not, really, just bound up bits of our own perceptions.”
Fin: “Well… I think people are drawn to the ones that seem most human… but those are usually the ones that’re most fucked up.”
Airyaman: He nods to that.
“…Believe you have some firsthand experience with that, too.”
“Apologies, I don’t mean to take a read on you.”
“Old habit.”
Fin: “Hey, I came into your home begging. Feel like… you know…”
Airyaman: “Interesting fates make me act a magpie.”
“Offer you something to drink? I’d get up and fetch it, but well.”
“There’s pepsi in the fridge, though.”
Fin: “Oh, is that it? Fate? I heard you were a master… at least. Some dude with a name a lot like yours…”
Airyaman: He nods.

Fin gives a nod, and stands back up.
Fin: “You want one?”
Airyaman: “Used to be Hierarch, back before the Great War.”

Fin asks that as she walks on over.
Airyaman: “Long while ago now. And ah, just a glass of iced tea, if you don’t mind?”
“Caffeine’s hell on me these days.”
Fin: “Oh yeah…? And then uh… fuck’s that dude’s name… The Seer. He took over…”
Airyaman: “Nah, this was at the same time.”
“Back during the days when the only territory we had a claim to was around the library.”

Fin gets to the fridge and grabs a pepsi and pours out some iced tea.
Airyaman: “City’s changed a lot since then.”
Fin: “Oooh…”
Airyaman: “Some things never do, though.”
Fin: “Yeah… Israfil… done a lot of things here…”

Fin steps back over to hand off the iced tea, then sits back down.
Airyaman: “Have to give him credit for the good and try to understand the bad, I suppose.”
“I did my best to step up after the Praetorian killed the old Hierarch.”
“But I didn’t have the taste for the kind of fight Israfil was ready to win.”
Fin: “I feel that.”
Airyaman: “Still, I take your point.”
“Worst thing for a wartime leader is peace time.”
Fin: “Dude’s definitely making war right now…”
“Just doing it where we can’t see it.”
Airyaman: “Mmh.”
“It’s the same fight as it always was.”
“We put up he posters and declared a mission accomplished.”
“But the root of that war never did get resolved.”
Fin: “Yeeeah. It’s… I mean…”
“I spent a lil time in Detroit? Seen some… fucked up things…”
Airyaman: “So I’m gathering.”
“One thing I’ve learned? That’s kind of where we live.”
Fin: “In… fucked up things?”
Airyaman: “Oh, the fucked up things were always happening.”
“But it was part of the sales pitch when you signed your name, kiddo.”
“See the truth behind the Lie.”
“Good and bad.”
Fin: “Yeah.”
“Yeah, I-… yeah. I think I went to Atlantis?”
“Saw the whole break.”
“Or wildly fuckin’ hallucinated. You know. Who’s to say?”
Airyaman: “That, I’ve got to admit, is a fresh take on me.”
“I’ve read accounts like that before, but no one ever can capture it right.”
“Bet I could read your mind, if you’d let me, and still not get a good take.”
Fin: “I bet you’re right, cause there ain’t shit that makes sense…”
Airyaman: “Closest I ever got was right after the Fall.”
“Back in the thirties, trouble with a Banisher and this damnable pocket watch.”
“Whole cabal got thrown back 6000 years.”
Fin: “Oh, wow…”
“Like, actually back. Not just… weird hallucinations?”
Airyaman: He nods.
“Taught me that Fate seemed like a better long-term calling than Time.”
“Hard enough to wrap your head around the idea that everything happens for a reason.”
“Without stopping to think that everything’s happening all at once.”
Fin: “That’s, uh… Yeah. We actually dealt with a lot of uh… what the fuck do you call ’em.”
“The things that come from Arcadia… from the realm of fate and time…”
Airyaman: “The Gentry.”
“Least, that’s what they called ’em when I was still caussing trouble.”
Fin: “… Well, shit, yeah…”
“Just, that’s not shit they teach us in Mysterium school…”
Airyaman: “With good reason.”
“Those creatures are stories.”
“You write ’em down, you may as well be drawing a circle to summon them.”
Fin: “Yeah. That sounds about right…”
“I guess they lose in the end. Ultimately. But… What’s that matter.”
Airyaman: “Especially when you realize that the end was a long damn time ago and Time doesn’t mean a thing.”
He takes a long drink, not seeming to perturbed.
Fin: “Exactly. Hurts my fuckin’ head.”
“Think you got the right of it, not focusing on Time…”
“Though, you know, speaking of fate… You ever heard of… the Dethroned Queen?”
Airyaman: He frowns.
“Yes, I’d say so. I’m sort of a collector of old stories, though the Dethroned Queen was never my white whale.”
“Too global.”
Fin: “Story kinda fell into my lap…”
“And now I’m trying to decide if I ought to pick it up or not.”
Airyaman: “Well, you’re a Curator in the Mysterium, aren’t you?”
“I’m old, but I’m not dead yet.”

Fin gives a vague groan.
Fin: “Yessss…”
Airyaman: “I’m not talking about responsibilities to a library or some kind of Indiana Jones pulp adventure.”
“I’m talking about why you joined the Mysterium in the first place.”
“Why’d you pick it over the others?”
Fin: “Just made the most sense. All this fucked up shit we’re facing everything single day… And pieces of Atlantis and the time before that constantly rising up around us…”
Airyaman: “Coulda been a Guardian, if you’re thinking risk.”
“They lock up relics like nobody else.”
Fin: “Yeah, fuck that shit.”
“You grow up poor as I did, you know… you get a piece of something…”
“There’s either two directions you run. To grab as much as you can and keep hold of it…”
“Or to kick a bit back.”
Airyaman: “Everybody needs a release.”
“S’why we named the cabal what we did.”
“Kind of a joke on Prohibition.”
Fin: “Oh, is that it? See… I pulled up and was wondering…”
“Thought you all were young.”
Airyaman: “Most of them are these days.”
“I’m the only founder still kicking around the house.”
“But no, we’ve been around since the 30s.”
“This Hall was even the Athenaeum, for a little while, back after World War 2 when we got that big influx of old-world Pentacle fleeing over.”
Fin: “Oh… huh.”
Airyaman: “But you’ve got the right idea, and an answer, I think.”
“These things are always worth pursuing.”
“They’re not worth losing yourself in.”
“If you’re curious, that’s a good reason to carry on, I think.”
“It’s the things you need you have to be careful of.”
Fin: “Curious about why it happened… not what it is. Which… I think means something.”
Airyaman: He nods.
“That’s a better reason than the one that got us where we are now, being honest with you, Fin.”
“Pursuit of knowledge always goes somewhere.”
“Just have to be careful you don’t get lost.”
“That was Israfil’s problem.”
“Praetorian’s too, honestly.”
Airyaman: “He had the resources to hold this place forever.”
Fin: “… he was chasing knowledge? I thought he was chasing power.”
Airyaman: “They can be the same thing.”
“No, we’d been skirmishing back and forth for decades.”
“Seers held the lion’s share of the city, but we got by too.”
“It bubbled over because of a story like the one that fell into your lap.”
“The Flange.”
Fin: “The Flange?”
Airyaman: “…You mean to tell me Tezcatlipoca hasn’t showed you those volumes?”
“Man still has a bit of greed in him.”
Fin: “Uuuhhh… I mean… I’m not exactly the best reader…”
“So it’s possible he shoved ‘em at me while he was making some chile and I just kinda… ya know. Didn’t pay any fuckin’ attention.”
Airyaman: “The whole war was fought over the Celestial Flange.”
“Neither of ’em had it, neither of ’em found it.”
Fin: “What the fuck is a celestial flange? I thought flange was like… part of a car…”
Airyaman: “It’s an approximate translation.”
“It’s more like… eh… high speech is tricky, you know?”
“A cosmic un ifying principle.”
Fin: “Okay…”
“But it’s a thing…”
Airyaman: “There’s a lot of legends about it.”
“Nearest one for a lot of people was that it was an Atlantean tool.”
“Integral part of something, like a device, that could bring back the glory days.”
“That piece of Atlantis that you think you saw.”
“And since you saw it, you know that people are willing to kill for a piece of that.”
Fin: “Uh… yeeeeeah. Willing to… kill each other. Turn on their best friends. Willing to do anything to climb up into the heavens…”
Airyaman: “People thought Delphi had it. They were an old Mysterium cabal, older than Hip Flask.”
“They pretty much ran the show here back then as far as we’re concerned.”
“I don’t think they ever did, though.”
“Praetorian went at them hard when he got wind of the rumors.”
“Israfil picked over the bones left behind, took most of their books with him, or so the rumors go.”
“And hit back, sayin’ he was defending the Pentacle.”
Airyaman: “Personally, I think he was after whatever the Praetorian took.”
Fin: Praetorian… is the Seer? The guy we met?
Airyaman: yeah.
Fin: “Makes sense… but… Praetorian didn’t have it either? I mean… obviously dude didn’t ascend…”
Airyaman: “Nope. Like I said, I don’t think Delphi ever had it either.”
“But they were looking into it, searching.”
“And that kind of fever can get contagious.”
Fin: “For sure… yeah…”
Airyaman: “We dressed it up, after the fact.”
“Was impossible not to go with the narrative, really.”
“Israfil captured the Praetorian, kicked the Seers out of territory they’d had since the city was built.”
Fin: afk a sec
Airyaman: “Whole mess of new Pentacle mages came to the city on the back of his story.”
Fin: “And if you don’t say it the same, what do you get… besides kicked to the curb…”
Airyaman: “Nothing. But we were all better off going with it.”
“Thing we don’t talk about is that the war wasn’t just Seers against Pentacle.”
“Cabal against cabal, too.”
“People got a taste for it and couldn’t get it out.”
“We were all better off letting a different story be the real one. No one wants that time back.”
“There’s a reason most of the cabals in this city aren’t any older than Israfil, though.”
Fin: “Eh… yeah. We got drove outta town by another cabal…”
“Fuckin’ shit show that was. All because they broke the rules.”
Airyaman: He nods.
“It’s been a truce. Some of the older ones still know the story. Some of the younger ones found it out.”
“Now you know too, because… I don’t know.”
“Sometimes I get a feeling about a person.”
“You learn to go with it.”
“I’m not going to see how it turns out, either way.”
Airyaman: “You’ve been around the block enough to know the narrative and the truth aren’t always the same thing, though.”
“For all the talk about our great victory, it’s not like the Seers ever left Chicago.”
“They’re just on the back foot now.”
Fin: “Well. Bit stronger now, cause, uh… Me an’ my ex cabal went down a rabbit hole. Created a little bit of trouble…”
Did dealing with detroit stabilize the two worlds? I seem to recall that…
Airyaman: The World was destroyed in the process
so the other world may have retreated back into some realm of like
Fin: That’s what I thought, ok
Airyaman: quasi-potential
and no longer exists
Fin: “Dealt with an artifact. Maybe made a second copy of reality and it started to mash up with this one. Maybe. Who the fuck knows, right?”
Airyaman: (brb)
“Huh. New one on me.”
Fin: “Yeah… It was actually pretty interesting…”
“See, this dude found this artifact that made an alternate reality? Or… something. And he was basically going to collapse that other reality to power a spell to remove the Abyss from the fallen world…”
Airyaman: “Oh! The World finally popped up again, eh.”
“Before my time, but I thought that sounded familiar.”
“The rest of that is a… new wrinkle.”
Fin: “Yeah. It’s gone now. Or… you know. As gone as shit like that goes…”
Airyaman: “Anyhow, so you know, as I’m enjoying your stories but I don’t want to take advantage.”
“They’re good, and you can get regular use of the Hollow if you want it, but we’re going to have to trade in something a little more real.”
“I am still a businessman.”
Fin: “Oh, shit, right. Yeah, sorry… Was just… it’s been a while since I had anyone to talk to.”
Airyaman: “Happy for the company.”
Fin: “Or, I mean, it’s been… a week but whatever. Feels like a few years.”
Airyaman: “Just didn’t want you thinking you were buying me off, I wouldn’t want you revealing stuff you wouldn’t otherwise.”
Fin: “Sounds like there’s not a lot about me you don’t already know. Or couldn’t, if you tried a little.”
Airyaman: “Fate tells you the plot, not the story.”
“Doesn’t mean much without the character.”
“Doesn’t say what any of it meant to you.”
“Any rate, main way we’re supposed to get by is in trading.”
Fin: “Yeah. So…”
Airyaman: “At least when half my cabal isn’t off learning the same damn lesson every Mastigos learns in their first year or two.”
“I’ve got a client who needs powdered mummy. I’ve got sourcing on it, but I’m a little tapped out on hands.”
“Call it COD, you use the hollow, bring some back to me, and you can use it again.”
“Can make it pay as you go. Nothing big.”
“Fetch and carry.”

Fin flashes her eyes wide, then laughs…
Fin: “You fuckin’ kidding me? I just dealt with so many mummies like… shit how long ago was that…”
Airyaman: “Ehhh, those things in the museum are barely worth the name.”
“You want any real potency as a catalyst you need First Dynasty.”
“Or older, but that’s tough to come by.”
Fin: “you mean… Egypt. Or, what… Museum of London or whatever.”
Airyaman: “Egypt, right. But no, not there.”
“Specialty parts like that we usually just pick up from the Rag Man.”
“He has his ear more to the ground and none of our customers have ever heard of him.”
“Which is just as well, he’s selective who he deals with.”
Fin: “Fetch and carry… as in… you already paid, just need me to transport?”
“Cause Rag Man doesn’t sound real fucking pleasant.”
Airyaman: “He still needs paid, but I’ve got that all ready to go.”
Fin: “Aight. Uh… sure. Think I can handle it…”
Airyaman: “Just whispers about the Consilium. Broad strokes stuff, not comitting treason here.”
“Some of the other supernatural types in Chicago like to know when the Council might be pounding its chest or looking under rocks they like.”
“So they can get out of the way.”

Fin nods slowly.
Fin: “Okay. I mean… no problem with me. Considering half the Consilium is in bed with one group or another…”
Airyaman: “People like to play like they believe in segregation around here.”
“Vampires keep to the vampires, mages to the mages, Sleepers to nobody because they’re just set dressing.”
“But it’s always been this way.”
“We live together, couldn’t be any other way.”
Fin: “True, true…”
“Aight, so… when you need this done? Now? Cause… I guess I got time. Not supposed to meet my friend for another…”

Fin checks her surely ridiculously expensive watch.
Fin: “Three hours.”
Airyaman: “He doesn’t meet in daylight hours anyway, just before tomorrow.”
Fin: “Oooh. Aight.”
Airyaman: “Oh, one tip, don’t ask him what he is.”
“I don’t know myself, but he’s sensitive about it.”

Fin snorts.
Airyaman: “Big weird world out there.”
Fin: “Might ask him if he’s a Sox fan or a Cubs fan… but I don’t give a fuck what anyone is.”
“I mean. Mostly.”
“Don’t care for vampires.”
Airyaman: “Vampires don’t care for vampires, can’t you tell?”
“Long memories, though.”
“Lot longer than ours.”
Fin: “Figure dead things don’t change much. So… makes sense.”
Airyaman: “Anyhow. Hollow’s in the basement along with the demense. Not rushing you off, but door’s at the end of the hall, third on the right past the bathroom.”
“And you know I’d already know if you were going to muck about with any of our things, so no need saying anything about it.”
Fin: “You mean I can’t go fuck with that clock out in the hallway?”
Airyaman: “That old thing? I’d almost thank you, damned thing’s too loud… but no, it’s an heirloom.”
“All it does is give whoever’s attuned to it a perfect awareness of what time it is.”
“No matter where you are.”
Fin: “… like… you always are hearing a clock ticking?”
Airyaman: “I’d be mad as a hatter if I did. That part’s just the clock.”
“Sounds less impressive in the age of wristwatches, I guess.”
“Handy if you find yourself Elsewhere, though.”
Fin: “Yeah, I could see that.”
“Well. Thanks, pops. I’ma go hit that hallow then… will see about meeting this Rag Man. You do got a site for me to find him, yeah?”
Airyaman: “You heard of Edgewater Medical Center, or is that before your time?”
Fin: “Uh… I know where Edgewater is…”
Airyaman: “They closed it down back in 2001, it’s sitting abandoned now.”
Fin: “Buncha fuckin’ looney bins up there, right?”
Airyaman: “They keep talking about renovating, but things fall through.”
“Probably because it’s haunted as all hell.”
Fin: “Oh… lovely…”
Airyaman: “Suits the Rag Man fine, though.”
Fin: “Aight. Got it.”
Airyaman: “Notes for him are in the macbook, just take it to him.”
“More secure than paper these days.”
“You can password protect a journal, but it’s a stupid piece of magic when a computer will do it for you.”

Fin gives a laugh and a nod. Then gets up, to go fetch that macbook

Session Logs

Raw Log for Acts 1-4 (includes a lot of extra OOC chatter, other session links prior to act 4 currently do not work): Raw Log (save link and open in web browser to view formatting correctly)


Session 1 – Weiner Take All
A new cabal meets. A Mystagogue is kidnapped.
Session 2 – The World
A curious Artifact is researched.
Session 3 – Parallel Lines
Another, worse world is found within The World. The Seers of the Throne are ascendant.
Session 4 – Contract Law
A contract is negotiated with a horrible Keeper.
Session 5 – Party Politics
A mission is reinforced. Favors must be satisfied.
Session 6 – Aleo
An apostate offers insight in the hunt for Ogun.
Session 7 – Dreamweaving
A fractured mind offers grim revelations about the cabal’s recent travels.
Session 8 – Reconnoitering
Plans are made. An attack readied.
Session 9 – Shadow Man
An attack by the Abyss. Troubling revelations follow.


Session 10 – Lines in Parallel
A glimpse into another world.


Session 11 – Reflections
A cabal member lost. The hunt continues.
Session 12 – Primary
Vampires, and a conspiracy set ablaze.
Session 13 – Adam
A cabal hits the road. They are haunted by spirits of the self.
Session 14 – A Slothful Mission
A cabal strikes a blow against a new target.
Session 15 – Fury Road
A woman is saved from wrath. A cabal member wounded.
Session 16 – Clash of Will
False accusations show the depth of the problem. An accord is reached.
Session 17 – Sex Boat
Another spirit is uncovered. An unusual venue is the site of a bargain.
Session 18 – Green
A new hunt begins. But not all is what it seems.
Session 19 – Ambush
A cabal member replaced. A cabal member found.
Session 20 – Setting an Ambush
A rescue is planned.
Session 21 – Gambling Souls
A high-stakes game for a friend’s soul. The end of another hunt.
Session 22 – Waltman’s Neck
A postcard to hell. A town that is not what it seems.
Session 23 – Gluttony
An old nemesis uncovered. Another turned ally.
Session 24 – Moral Quandaries
An enemy beaten. But what should be done?
Session 25 – Opening the Gate
Nearing the end of the road. A cabal finds a fresh Mystery.
Session 26 – The Obsidian Palace
An ancient puzzle overcome. An old teammate regained.
Session 27 – Tryhards
A cabal returns home. An invitation is made.
Session 28 – Goodbye, Adam
A saga is ended. A man is laid to rest.


Session 29 – Haunted Bacchanalia
Ghosts herald a change in regime.


The cabal takes its place on a grander stage as a part of Chicago’s politics. An ancient spirit is foiled. Detroit is cured.


The cabal collapses under the weight of that which has already passed. New faces emerge.

- Fin Solo Sessions:

Fin Sessions – Act 4 Session 1
Fin Sessions – Act 4 Session 2

Investigation notes: Gilbert Lancaster

Investigation Notes

The person featured in a grainy photo, arm-in-arm with Lust (spirit that took Claire’s appearance), walking along Grand River riverwalk in Downtown Grand Rapids.

Gilbert Lancaster: New England Old Money, came to Grand Rapids as a young man to start his own business venture

  • Married
  • Socialite: throws parties, fundraisers for political candidates
  • President of West Michigan Libertine Society
  • Business: Spectrum Health, employs some 16,000 people in Western Michigan
  • Owner of riverboat The Sir Stephen: moored at private dock south of Grand Rapids


Libertine Society: founded in the 50s by Lancaster the Elder, to allow free thought and discourse

  • Authors, politicians, scholars
  • Famour guest: Alfred Kinsey

Linked Persons

Chain Parris aka. Yule Williams: Canadian philanthropist, seen at a Lancaster charity ball


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