Act 4 – The Impure

Hubris begets hubris.

You can turn the wheel, but that doesn’t mean you ever were the wheel.

You may have taken the stage, but you’ll never make it your own. You’re in a cast of billions, and the only way to change that is to make everything worse.

Maybe, if you think about it long enough, you’ll find a reason to care.

Act 3 – The World

You can’t go back now, you know.

You didn’t heed the advice. You didn’t stick to the shadows, below the radar where you could thrive. The answers feel as elusive as they ever did, and everywhere you turn there’s another system, another cog.

You may be turning the machine now, but it would be all too easy to get crushed in its teeth.

Act 2 – The Grands

What is the purpose behind it all?

You were shown more of the world than most were ever meant to see. Liability or no, you know Truths most people will never, ever touch.

But what does it mean? Where is the context?

Can you find it, out here, on your own? Is it hiding in these grim reflections of the psyche?

Or is all of this simply another pointless exercise in a tapestry that depicts nothing at all?

Act I – The Cogs

Don’t be seen.

You haven’t been Awake long, but the rules for a someone like you in Chicago in 2016 are much as they are for a Mage anywhere. They’re honestly not that different from rules you grew up with all your life, even before.

Don’t be seen. Don’t draw attention. Don’t get cocky. You’d be amazed how quickly all your power can become a liability.

The life the rules are a backdrop to can defy belief. There’s so much more to the world, to this Cage, than you ever knew. It wouldn’t be hard for those powers of yours, those things that make you more than human, to give you a mind to start putting on airs, feel like a God yourself.

But you remember the rules, don’t you?

Don’t. Be. Seen.

Maybe it’s easier just to avoid getting caught. You certainly don’t have a mind to hide.


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